where sell casual games?

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  • i am making casual game. it is some kind of mix of puzzles, adventure and mostly hidden object game.

    Because we are making progress and our game strating looks to sellable we are considering how to sell it.

    There are two ways - the first is to make our own web portal, gameplay videos, demo version and then pay for some advertisement (for example on facebook, or google adsense).

    the second way, which i find much more useful is sell it through another portals. for example bigfishgames.

    Which sites can you recommend for selling this kind of game? I want to know which publisher are worth to try. has anyone some experiences?

    thanks much for any help

  • I recommend reading the indiegamer forums (forums.indiegamer.com), as they are geared towards the 'professional indie' and discuss this sort of thing often.

    After reading it a lot, the most recommended course of action there seems to be: don't make a web portal, release your game on your website first, then if you want to, sell it on portals.

  • looks interesting, thanks

    are there any portals, which does not require highest quality?

    I believe my game is good, but for example it seems gameplay will be about 1 hour. and game portals usually requires much more even for casual games.

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  • Steam is a good place!

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