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  • Just a minor suggestion here, but it would be great if there was the 'Search' box on every page of the website as it seems to only be on the 'Forums' and 'Tutorial' pages.

    Also, when you do a search from the 'Search' box on the pages where it is available it just displays '' at the end of each post and you have to put your cursor on the topic name to see the link on where the topic was posted.

    Again it would be great if there was the same 'Search' box on all the pages so when you did a search everything would come up in the search results.

    Google Custom Search would be a great way to go and it seems the site is using Google since the search results page say powered by Google, but again it would be great if the search box was available on every page of the site as well as displaying the link addresses like they are displayed in a search from in order to get the most relevant results quickly since in many cases now I have to go to Google to search the site.

    For example, I was interested in adding levels to the 'How to make a Platform game' tutorial and the best way was just to do a Google search with the parameters 'Construct 2 add levels', ' add levels', etc.

    For instance compare the search ' add levels' using the 'Search' box and to see that the results and their format using are more helpful.

  • Use the search forums function rather than the "search".

    Have a look at the link in my signature.

  • The best way to search the Scirra site from Google is to use the "site:" directive. For example:


    will search for "query" only on the domain. (If you just type the name or URL of the site it will still match other websites which happen to include those terms.) I think this is what the site search does anyway.

    Tom's aware of the inconsistency between different pages and hopefully will be sorting it out soon.

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  • Kyatric and Ashley, Thanks guys! Construct 2 Rocks!

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