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  • To everyone here at Scirra the admins moderators and forum members.I would like to thank all of you, I finally got my dreamjob,Im a gfx and model designer for a local indie games dev company.They saw my work that i created with Construct and they were very impressed with my work.They loved my inkpad app that i created.Im also going to do some educational games with Construct.I just hope i can make you guys proud.Scirra ROCKZZZ!!!!!

    Sincerely yours


  • Congrats :3

  • Wow! Congrats with your career!

  • Nice one, congrats

  • This are cool news, congratulations

  • Were you hired by DXGames, by any chance?

  • Nope that's my little nonprofit company.All my games that i put on my site will be freeware.The company im going to work for is called CT studios Or Cape Town studios.They do 3d animations and some local indie games.Im going to do the 3d rendering and graphics for them.They do commercials locally as well.So there you have it now you know where i will work ,Not that it's anyone's business,But if one person goes and post stuff like duh do you work for dxgames perhaps im going to scream!!.Grow up will ya!!.

  • Well, I just had to ask--I saw your other recent post . Congrats, man! Looks like you're living the dream!

  • Thanks bespeckled one.Hopefully i will, cause ive been waiting for a chance like this for all my life.I included the inkpad game along with my resume to ct studios,And some off my 3d models and animations as well.And they called me today saying that they loved the inkpad indie game along with my other stuff , and that i had to start on Monday.They want to create some edutainment games and some cg commercials.So for the first time im going to work with professional cg apps.

    I can't wait.Tommorow i will celebrate because i still cannot believe it.

  • Congrats! That is fantastic to hear such good news. Nothing better than to work on things you love to do!

  • To everyone here at Scirra the admins moderators and forum members.I would like to thank all of you

    You're Welcome! (And since this is my first post, this is the funniest thing I had ever post here)

    Congrats! I hope it gets even better!

    Construct is so cool

  • Congratulations!

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  • Well done mate, hope it all works out for you


  • Congratulations

  • Thought id pop in and say hi (lunch break).This place is so amazing ,And i get to work with all my favourite programs.They have Zbrush which i absolutely love.It's like my home away from home.Now i can create some ridiculiously high poly models without worrying about a performance drop.

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