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  • Hello folks,

    for anyone who's interested in comics, I just wanted to mention that I have a strip scheduled to appear in SPOD - the Oddities From Space comic anthology which is currently on Kickstarter.

    The Kickstarter only has 9 days left to go, and is over half way towards its target. It contains the work of 43 comics creators, including Jeff Mccomsey, Monty Nero and Neil Gibson, and is 130 colour pages.

    So please give it a look at the following Kickstarter link if you get the chance. And if you don't have any pennies to spare then spread the word.

    Thanks for your time,

    • Dave

    Spod Kickstarter

    <img src="" border="0">

  • Hello again! Well, with just 24 hours left to go the Spod comic Kickstarter is just �98 off meeting its target. So if anyone fancies backing a comic full of sci-fi carnage and mayhem, any support you can lend would be hugely appreciated.



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    just backed 'apollo' level. looking forward to reading this.

  • harrio

    Thank you kindly!   Because of folk like yourself the Kickstarter has just reached its goal. So if anyone else is wanting to grab a copy of the comic anthology for cheaper than retail price, there's still about 12 hours left.

    That's another beer I owe you, dear chap!


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    whoever said 'charity is it's own reward' obviously did not understand the benefits of kindness for beer.

    i'll hold you to those some day.

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