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  • Hey Guys, I have lately decided to start the development of SC 3 (Stupid Chickens 3) because It's one of my favorite games I have made and also I got very positive feedback on the previous releases. The third sequel will be a better version (remake) of the original game and it will have some awesome features so I'm so excited to share the details with you guys :

    • It will be developed in Unity Game Engine
    • Improved Graphics with Cartoon theme similar to Angry Birds style
    • 60 awesome challenging levels divided to 3 worlds
    • A level editor with full features and with the ability to save , download, and share levels offline (for PC) and online (Android)
    • Better Gameplay with better physics and improved design
    • New playing techniques
    • Social Sharing on Facebook , Twitter and other social networks
    • A whole new story , characters, chickens and (pending) in-game cutscenes

    The game will be developed primary for Windows PCs and Android mobiles and it will probably take me around 2-3 months minimum to finish .

    I'll make sure that this game will give you new experience and amazing time. Plus, since you can create your own levels by using your imagination and also the ability to download new levels , the fun will never ends

    If you are a fan of SC series or you are interested in the game , SUBSCRIBE to get updates about SC 3 (and also to get a demo and early access to the game)

    Play the SC series to see how the game looks like:

    Stupid Chickens Original

    Stupid Chickens 2 : Trip To Space

    Thank you for time!

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  • Well I don't think it's exciting you like I thought it will

  • Just curious, why are you switching to Unity for this one?

  • Just curious, why are you switching to Unity for this one?

    Hi DrewMelton. I want to switch to Unity for many reasons and primary because I want to use and improve my skills in C# language (Since C2 is visual I can't program ) Another thing is the variety of features available in Unity and mainly the physics system (which is so slow in C2 on mobile compared to Unity) and the ability to make the level editor (which needs a lot of programming of course) . I want to take Stupid Chickens to the next level and I might also make 3D games later on SC (which C2 also doesn't provide).

    Don't get me wrong, Construct 2 is a powerful 2D Engine that I love to use , even more than Unity, but since I'm more a programmer rather than a designer and I'm a logic-oriented person I chose Unity for this game. What's important is the game itself and it's enjoyment and experience , not the game engine used.

  • [edit] Here's a little teaser image showing how the game environment is and how it would be like !

  • Aphrodite Tetriser alvarop iceangel nlon HZGaming , I tagged you just to inform you about the new sequel since you are fans of the game

  • Naji - Good if you want to make it using Unity, will wait for the sequel.

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