I just saw Monsters

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  • Cool movie and even better soundtrack. Just finished watching Monsters on Netflix. Did some searching for sountrack and found the theme music..very inspiring music:

    Monsters Theme

  • I love this movie, because (almost) nothing happens there:) It differs it from other movies. It has a great atmosphere, but it's probably not for everyone, I guess.

  • It has a great atmosphere, but it's probably not for everyone, I guess.

    Yes, people seem to either really like it or hate it. After reading some reviews I figured it might be cool and I wasn't disappointed. It doesn't have much action though so some might be bored. I think the music helped too.

  • I love that kind of movies, but i found this one little boring unfortunettly. What i like the most (only one thing) was the monsters meeting at gas station near the end. That scene was epic.

  • I preferred District 9.

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  • <font size="3">SPOILER:</font>

    <font color=white>What, did they died in the end or something? I've noticed, soldier from rescue team is singing Wagner's The flight of Valkyries (if I'm correct), same as in opening scene, where they was attacked by monsters, so opening is what happened after the end . After re-watching this scene I'm sure I saw dead or injured Sam on the road...</font>


  • I too saw the movie, loved it. I just hated the ending though where -


    <font color=white>they both kiss in the ending, it felt like the typical 'end the movie with a kiss'. I hate that crap. </font>


    <font color=white>Yeah, it was Sam in the first scene, her clothes confirm that. I certainly liked this part of the ending.</font>

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