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  • From website:

    "Built by and for professional game developers, Rocket Engine is the only fully integrated solution for plugin-free browser game development. If you are interested in building multi-platform single player games, Facebook games or browser-based MMOs, read on!"

  • Well, it sounds amazing. I'd love to try it out

  • Interesting. I wonder how they do it without using html5 or a plugin.

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  • They're from my home country so I suggest by beer and vodka and sauna. It makes everything possible, just look at me!

  • Looks pretty cool. Not sure about having an online editor - I think performance and response time would be a problem. Also, you can use HTML5 canvas in IE8 using excanvas, but the performance is pretty poor since all the rendering is done by javascript VML calls.

  • Yes the online editor will be it's downfall im afraid.I will stick to Construct no matter what.As for 3d games i will use XNA studio.I tried a couple of game engines now and for me these 2 programs are the best.

  • Hmm I don't see how the editor would be it's downfall and I'm pretty sure you can just use it in a normal way. (I mean let's say offline from your own pc or so and not just online stuff) If this is what you guys meant correct me if wrong.

    But I gotta say this does seem too good to be true so it must have some dirty secret in it.

    And DravenX It's a bit weird to compare this to a Construct or XNA Studio straight away. Or do you compare XNA to Construct too straight on?

  • No Sagal im just being loyal towards XNA and Construct.Anyway it does look like a nice program though.Im using professional packages at my work for games and ads .But i still find Construct and XNA to be more user friendly than other engines.

  • last time I tried a full JS game on HTML DOM+CSS it was dog slow.

    That's why I never got into it.

  • I haven't looked into HTML5 much (especially its games-related applications), but I recently came across a neat little HTML5 platformer. Simple, but somewhat impressive. Not noticeably slow on my browser, either.

  • That worked nicely even though Canvas is not being accelerated by 3D hardware. CPU consumption was noticeable but still really low (I have a decent CPU though, must try on netbook).

    The thing that Rocket Engine promises is NOT Canvas. It's an HTML DOM engine, and is this DOM manipulation (traversal, insertion, deletion) which is slow, due to the standard not being geared to speed. Or ease of use. Or being just nice. Ugh.

    Having seen this demo, though, and knowing IE9 will feature hardware acceleration for 2D (which means others will probably follow) makes me long for the arrival of framerate-independent 2D games for HTML5-Canvas. I wonder if there are any stretching options

    Edit: Acceleration goodness in IE9

    <img src="">

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