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  • RexRainbow is one of the developers I admire in the C2 community.

    Does anyone have the time to work on video tutorials on his plugins?

    Are the existing Videos?

    This will help a lot.

  • Try using official video plugin first.

  • Try using official video plugin first.

    I actually think he is asking if there are video tutorials of how to use your plugins/behaviours.

  • Sorry, I did not have video tutorials. You might ask my friend jomo who is a C2 teacher in college.

  • I can make videos if someone provides a question list. The major problem is: rexrainbow had made sooo many plugins that I don't know which one to start.

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  • Creating for tutorial videos for so many plugins would be quite a challenge!

    FWIW, I am documenting, for my own reference, development of an isometric game, which extensively uses Rex's plugins insofar as the use of Board-related stuff (eg SLG, InstanceGroup), and TMX reading is concerned.

    jomo, one of the most opaque plugins I've played around was rex_ljpotential. I don't have a particular use for it right now, but I'll be appreciative of some definitive explanations of how a, b, n, and m relate to each other in practical terms.

  • faulknermano , I saw you blog, it's really cool!

    You can take LJ-potenial as a way for curve fitting:

    The blue one is (A/r^n) A=1, n=12

    the green one is -1* (B/r^m) =1, n=6

    the red one is the combination.

    1. green curve rolls off slower because its order is smaller

    2. there is a cave(minimum) in red curve because the different rolling off behaviors induced by order of r.

    3. change A and B to fit into the target magnitude that you want.

    BTW, I like your C2SpriteManager very much!

  • faulknermano

    1. Set A,B, m,n to 0 at beginning

    2. Set A (attracted) or B (rejected)

    3. Set "Sensitivity range", large "Sensitivity range" is more sensitivity

    4. try and error to tune A/B and "Sensitivity range"

  • jomo and rexrainbow, thanks for this. Expressing it as a curve makes perfect sense; never thought of that.

    Re C2SpriteManager: thanks for you words. It works ok, though I sorted out a critical bug over the weekend.

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