What is responsive Web Design? Is it necessary to implement?

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    Responsive web design and its topics is being popular in many forums and blogs like . People are encouraging to have responsive web design or development.

    Is there any specific standard or guideline that we can follow to have responsive web design? Is it necessary to implement or its ok if we miss some of the points.

    Responsive design is something that will respond and adapt to the screen size. If you make use of the built in fullscreen scaling modes your 99% of the way there. Most frameworks use media queries coupled with a grid format to accommodate for a host of sizes. Constuct 2 isn't html, it's rendered using the canvas object, the same way you would place an image, you could quite easily use css media queries to make it 'responsive'.

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    Fully responisve doesn´t just affect the screensize.

    It also makes icons where there are none on mobile devices,deletes unnecessary backgrounds etc.

    Responsive web design is becoming pretty important in this day and age, and trying to ensure that it's implemented is something you'll need to consider when building browser games.

    I have from experienced struggled to play games, as they are tiny when using certain resolutions, as someone who has terrible eyesight it's good to be able to zoom in, and have the website react and adapt to that.

    It's also really good to reach a wider audience, if you can have your game scale to different sizes you're more likely to be able to allow people who are on tablets (for example) to be able to see and play your game!

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