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  • mmm i had 724 rep just a couple minutes ago but i found a button that says recalculate reputation and since there are some badges missing that i should have once the server updates i figured i would press that button . Now i have 448 rep..



    I guess that button is not the hidden treasure badge. At least i can scratch that from the list lmao

  • Rep is a work in progress, there's quite a few 'leaks' on the site. Treat is as a beta for now, it's all on the list of things to sort out :)

  • If nobody tell you about it then you would think it all works fine right? :)

    I was not complaining, instead just noting it really. Hence the whehehehe's ;)

    It is a solid, proven concept to have some sort of status symbol on the site. Everyone loves to be high rank *nods One could perhaps even call it a game when it comes down to finding hidden treasure and such which i tried btw lolz but i cannot find it, nor that darned princess. But not giving up just yet lmao

  • I had the same deal recently - I saw the recalculate button and clicked it. I was sad. LOL I lost over 100 points! Small potatoes but it feels good to see some kind of progress in just LEARNING and participating.

    I'm also at a loss for finding the princess and treasure... I'll probably stumble on it randomly.

  • Your not really part of the community until you've pressed the button and lost the reps, we've all been there, it's like a right of passage.

  • until now i don't know what is the use of rep XD can someone tell me :P? is it just for telling us how active we are??

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  • I think when it was first implemented it was supposed to be how much the site trusts you and gives you permissions to access areas and edit stuff like a wiki.

    In reality it's more like a game, a way to encourage people to join and stick around as people naturally like compete and gain the highest score.

  • The only thing I can think of that rep affects is that your uploads to the arcade don't need to be approved if you have more than 1000.

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