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  • Was just reading this thread where a linked file had expired from the host and is causing problems for some users.

    Obviously you can attach files if they're small enough (I just upped the attachment limit to 512kb but we can't turn in to a host for large files). But for the bigger examples does anyone know a reliable, permanent, long-term host for files that won't expire after a year or more?

  • dropbox


  • How long do they guarantee to keep files for?

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  • lol that was fast,

    ive never had anything ive uploaded taken down with dropbox, so i guess pretty indefinite, you just have a set amount of space though, its big enough but sometimes i wanna move files around so if i want something to be really permanent i uploaded it to

  • I use and I've never had a problem. I hear dropbox is good though, and they provide direct links.

  • Even if Dropbox is taken down, the files are still available locally on the guy's PC, so he can reupload elsewhere. Problem with broken hosts is the originals are probably goners as well.

    I don't see Dropbox closing its gates any soon, though. Oh, and you get 2 GB space, which is more than enough, and you just have to save files locally then grab the public link to post.

    By the way, you can get 250 MB for each referral, too... here's mine (shameless plug, sue me):

    Moreover, Dropbox also features shared folders, which are great for team projects.

  • I've used it for a while now, no complaints except for some downtime from some idiot uploading a virus, and even then they weren't down, just had Google blocking the url. That and some issues when saving to the folder from Construct, those pesky persist files screw up things sometime, and again even then the system keeps backups for quite a while.

    They even have a referal thing where you can get up to 8 gigs free, and you can share folders with other Dropbox users.

  • both and dropbox are great. Dropbox is more easier to upload files, no need to login somewhere just copy it in dropbox folder.They also don't have shitty waiting time and ads.

    [quote:2wufwg06]By the way, you can get 250 MB for each referral, too... here's mine (shameless plug, sue me):

    soldjahboy does that too in his sig there's a link.

  • You guys can get a VPS hosting just for hosting Construct games they go around for like $10 to $30 a month. I have a shared hosting with 1TB of storage, but I can't handle the bandwidth.

    I can help you guys find some good hosting if you guys need it.

  • Thought about torrent distribution?

  • Not recommended for software that gets updated often. You'd get torrents with old version of Construct floating around.

  • <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> DepositFiles create a new service called DepositStorage (5 GB of free disk space and no restrictions for downloading files).

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  • Closing, this is a post from 2010. For the record, DropBox, Google Drive and SkyDrive are our favourite hosts.

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