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  • a little background story,


    intuit, the makers of turbo tax had this contest where you could win $25,000 if you made the best rap video about turbotax.

    Vanilla Ice decided the grand prize winner. ....Vanilla Ice...


    I got 4th place. 2nd would've got me $5,000. 3rd would've got me $1,000.

    The grand prize winner and 3rd place guys emailed me out of the blue and told me I should've won grand prize. it was very gracious of them, and I'm not saying it to brag or to whine; It just seems like an interesting tidbit to the story.

    Vocals, beat, and animation by me. sorry about the crappy youtube compression. I don't know how people got their videos to look decent before adobe premiere elements

    but without further ado

    here is the tax rap

    hope you enjoy:

  • Wow dude that was SWEET

    No shit you should have won... that was a pro video man! Awesome

    P.S. Vanilla Ice sucks... uh... you know what!


  • I'll admit I began watching skeptically, but that was sweet. Really good effort and video.

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  • That was pretty badass

    How long did the animation take? What programs did you use?

  • HAHA sounds a little like buck 65..

    pretty sick man.

  • Visually very nice. Especially when the camera is hovering over the crowd.

  • thanks everyone


    it took about a week. I called in sick to work

    that was a week including recording the vocals, too, although that was the first day

    I used anime studio to do all the animation

    and sony vegas to put it all together,

    originally all the lipsync was synced

    and there were a few things moving that were synchronized with the music that aren't in the final,

    but I was in such a hurry to get it in that I didn't notice I had slided everything over a split second somewhere in there. oh well...

    but yeah, anime studio, which coincidentally, the limitations of anime studio are a big inspiration for the animation engine I'm making with construct

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