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  • Good morning community, in about 6 months time I am going to have Kickstarter for the video game I am developing with Construct 2.

    I am wondering what ideas people might have for raising awareness for the project over the next 6 months so I don't go into the Kickstarter with zero exposure.

    I have a website and development blog-



    And I try to stay active on relevant message boards and forums, but as a one man operation on a relativley small budget I'm not sure what else I should be doing at this point (other than working on the game of course!)

    Thank you for your time.

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  • Here's a few things that I think will help raise awareness for your game and Kickstarter:

    • Add a link to your game in your signature for every forum or message board you are active on, every post then becomes a chance for someone to discover your game. Link to Kickstarter when launched.
    • On relevant forums where it's acceptable to post such things, make a post about your game and include links, a brief description and screenshot or two. Also mention that you'll be launching a Kickstarter campaign so people will know to look out for it
    • Be active on social media (mostly Facebook and Twitter) and use a site like Epocu to raise social media awareness.
    • Closer to the Kickstarter launch, send out a Press Release using somewhere like Games Press
    • If you have a demo, consider sending a copy to any Indie or Beta friendly Let's Players to get your game in front of their thousands of YouTube subscribers
    • Find contact details for the Lead Reviewer/Editor on as many indie game sites as you can and email them asking to preview your game: give them free a alpha/beta/demo copy and link to your Kickstarter. Once released get back in touch and ask for a review
    • If you have any sort of mailing list e.g. players, blog followers, forum members, etc., send out a newsletter asking them to share your game. If it's less than 2,500 email addresses you can use MadMimi free of charge
    • Consider listing your game on Steam Greenlight as a Concept to get feedback/exposure, and then when you launch your Kickstarter switch over to Greenlight games to be voted on which will also show a link to your Kickstarter
    • If you use Steam Greenlight, find all the relevant collections on Steam and ask to be added

    Also consider other crowd-funding options like IndieGoGo or Patreon, you can use more than one to increase your chances of getting some support.

    I hope that helps and good luck with your game.

  • Thank you for the compliment NancyDukes.

    And thank you OC, that is a lot of great advice. I will definitely do as much of that as possible!

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