Is it racist to have a Mexican eating chili?

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  • I'm making a Mexican themed happy game. Do you think it's racist to have a funny looking cartoon Mexican wearing a sombrero hat and collecting spicy chilli peppers?

  • I'd honestly be more concerned about how funny the Mexican looks. Spicy food is definitely something eaten a lot in Mexico. If you made a game about running across the border or taking siestas to earn points then it might be an issue. But chasing chilies shouldn't be an issue. Just avoid any negative stereotypes in character design and gameplay and you should be fine. But if its a concern still then contact your state board on human rights. They can direct you towards creating games that promote different cultures in a positive light. You would have the side benefit of being able to advertise approved by state of <state> department of human rights.

  • if its worrying you maybe change it to a cactus with a sombrero. Get inspired and you'll see there are many many creative solutions.

    examples: Adventure Island, Yoshi's Island, and that new jetpack? game, all of them eat something or COLLECT something as their health.

  • I was thinking that he wouldn't be Mexican but someone who really wan't to be a Mexican.

  • dynasty warriors has been using chinese meat buns as a health pickup for years. pretty much the same thing.

    people can interpret all sorts of things as racist, so be careful how you express why he's eating chilli;

    if he eats chilli cus he's mexican and all mexans like chilli, then that's a stereotype which is a bit racist

    if he eats chilli cus he likes it and/or it gives him some special power like fire breath or something then that's a character (ie an individual not a sterotype) and i'd have no problem with it

  • nemo, I like your avatar, why dont you use that?

  • I think I go with a story where hes not mexican, but a bit stupid "tourist" who don't know what chillies are exactly.

    California, nice to hear you like it. Maybe I should <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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  • don't complicate, the devil is in the details.

    google "yak shaving"

  • Don't even bother with racial nonesence, just go creative! Ppl online are capable to call you racist even for wearing black shoes if they want to lol

  • nemo

    I think anything and everything can be classed as being racist to someone.

    Try to keep away for labeling 'people, cultures' etc, however I do agree with Minu3 as well.

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