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  • Okay, so my laptop is kinda crap, but I don't use it for much other than checking email and watching videos. Would you guys recommend I upgrade the ram or just buy a new one?


    Compaq Presario CQ57 64-bit

    OS: Windows 10 Home

    CPU: AMD C-50 Processor, 1ghz

    GPU: AMD Radeon 6250 graphics card

    RAM: 2 gb DDR3

  • upgrading your RAM helps if you have a lot of applications and/or tabs open at the same time.

    You can hibernate unused open tabs like in e.g. Chrome to save memory - chrome://flags

    But you get the best speed improvement if you change your HDD and switch to a SSD.

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  • Hey, thanks for the advice. Nearly thought about throwing this thing in the garbage!

  • Hi, u can buy a upgrade combo, motherboard, processor, and memory. New technology is more cheaper.

    In Argentina we call it "combo actualizacion" idk how traslate it. But u can get a new technology for 200$.

    Motherboard: Gigabyte Ga-am1m-s2h sata3 usb 3.0.

    Processor: Athlon 5150 4 cores 1.6 mhz

    Ram: 4 gb ddr3 1600mhz.


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