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  • I wanted to clear my doubts before I begin working on the game.

    I am making a simple game depicting a psychological experiment, but sometime ago I was reading one manga(japanese comics, yeah I have the habit of reading psychological comics) where one of those experiments on human behavior was explained, but the name of the experiment was changed, because it was said that the findings of the research papers of these experiments could not be used without permission. Is it true? Will we have to take permission for making something related to those experiments?

    I may not be wording my question right, but it should clear enough to understand what I am trying to ask.

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  • Im not sure but I think you can use published results from an experiments if you just remember to tell the names and publisher etc.

  • dont worry about that, just dont steal the allready though idea, make it better.

    it depends on how original the thing is.

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