Is Python tough to learn as a Begineer

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  • Hello Everyone,

    I am last year passout and I have research trending programming language and I have found python is now trending one. But some people said that we can't jump directly to python, Firstly should start basic language like C and then you can switch to other languages. May i know is it right or anyone suggests me best way to learn python. I have found some online resources to learn it. Can anyone suggest me right one?


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  • I guess it depends a little bit on what you want to do with your programming. I've tried python and c#, dabbled in cpp, but my favourite remains JavaScript.

    Some of the reasons why I like it are that browsers have many features you can access (like files API) so it's easy to make something useful, you can easily debug your code using the console and there are literally hundreds of good sites to learn from. If you want a good tutorial to start with then try free code camp. It's where I started and I think it's excellent.

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