do you use python for your real projects?

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  • just curious if anyone besides me uses python for actual projects?, meaning, not just for the sake of trying it out? Why or why not? and also, I'm curious what people are using it for, and when do you use it instead of standard events?

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  • Sure. Since I decided to learn Python a few months ago, I've found my favorite programming language, ever. I hadn't done any programming for 10-15 years before that, and missed it. I used to use C, Pascal, ARexx, BASIC, and Assembly way back then. I was probably most productive with ARexx, which is somewhat similar to Python.

    Anyway, Python is what finally made object-oriented programming 'click' for me. Even though some feel that it's not fully adherent to the OOP concepts, I think it's quite fine. And it's fine for functional and procedural programming as well.

    So far, I've done a few utility scripts for my own use. Things like batch processing of files and other such occasional tasks. I've also made a couple of quick scripts for work, to process CNC programs from a networked computer to several CNC machining centers, since the existing antiquated software sucks. I plan to make a nice GUI program for that soon.

    I've started work on a Roguelike game, which I plan to implement in Construct, and probably a text-based, pure python version eventually. These types of games are a great argument for using Python. They lend themselves well to OOP methodology, and Python can handle all of the data crunching and most of the logic, while Construct can do the nifty display and behaviors. While I have gotten used to event-based programming in Construct, I am way more comfortable with code when it comes to lots of data and/or logic.

    I have already thought of quite a few more things that I will eventually make in Python. A checkbook accounting program that I will actually USE, Some more utilities for my own quirky computer use, and possibly using it to glue a couple of applications together, to name a few. Hopefully I can still make progress on and finish some games with Construct, too. Seems like there is never enough time.

  • Yeah, python libraries such as sqlite are in good use as well as lucid's 's'.

  • I definitely will once I start on it. I'm just too busy right now to make any real progress.

    I haven't really used much of the full power of Python yet. Some of the online multiplayer examples start to show its usefulness, but there is a lot more that could be done with it. So right now I use it kinda like a way to have extra plugins without having to write them.

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