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  • Hi Guys,

    Been messing with the free addition and I have been really impressed, just wanted to say that I have purchased it and hope to be an active member in the community. Cant wait to start building some fun things



  • Awesome! Welcome to the community! I hope you create epic games with this program!

  • Thanks RookeDev, I hope I do too! Also hopefully help a few guys out in the process.

  • Since you have already been messing with the free version I don't have to tell you that it is well worth the purchase. This community needs more active members so welcome!

  • Welcome C Andre!

    I know how you feel ... C2 is amazing make the old saying "You get what you pay for" not true because you get much more!

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  • Indeed, im actually a programmer / developer by trade (wish all developing was as fun and instantaneous) but I really enjoy using Construct 2 to prototype ideas but really it can be (and has even by the games that I know had been made with construct2 such as those that have been greenlit on steam but I am sure there are many more that developers have kept under wraps) used for the whole complete game cycle. I can see some great ideas getting pumped out fast from here now. Its a great piece of software and I whole heatedly agree with you Vancouver you do get more than what you pay for .

    vancouver, just seen your signature the piano app is very ingenious I love it

  • Welcome to C2! Just ask me anything if u needed me

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