ps3 and psp wireless blues

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  • I have a problem with my wireless connections.Yesterday my psp and ps3 was working perfectly through wireless access.Now both of them are refusing to connect to my shared internet.Windows states that there's some kind of ip conflict which there isn't,I tried ipconfig/all and the ip adresses aren't conflicting as far as i can see.

    I have an old sitecom WL-607 router and i am using my old winxp home pc for that connection.Is there any way to get this setup running correctly again??.I tried most of the workarounds but i keep getting a dns error message on both systems.

    Does anybody know how to resolve this issue?.Any help would be most welcome.

  • Have you tried restarting your router? The router could've had a connection hiccup and lost the connection. Where I lived previously we had a shared connection over several routers and they'd fail all the time, causing DNS errors. So unless you've already tried it, restart the router and modem. See what happens.

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  • I restarted the router and ran new scans but no dice ,The signal is at 100% all the time because the psp and ps3 is right next to the pc ,So i do not think that it could be a weak signal though.

    Maybe windohnoItsXp is acting up again.If i use a wired connection for the ps3 then i have no problems getting on the net that way.Maybe i should crack and hack the living sh*t out of both and make them run windows mobile and windows 7 lol.

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