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  • I want to select a portion of the image(which is divided into layers) and would like to move it. But when I use the selection tool it only selects the part of the image which is on the active layer. How do I select all parts from different layers?

  • Your description is pretty confusing, sounds like you might have to merge the layers you'd want to use. Can lock layers together with the little chain icon, but then one can only move whole layers.

    Possibly the best way I can think of, is to cut out the portion on each layer, then select these new layers and move them together. They can then be merged back into their original layers, etc.

  • In Gimp I would simply click the chain icon in the layers dialog, making all chained layers move the same.


    Oh wait thats probably not what you want.

    You want the selection to be maintained on different layers.

    In Gimp I would use the magic wand, then in the tools dialog I would click the button that says add to selection.

    Then click the items on each layer.

  • How do you that in PS? I don't use GIMP

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  • That should come in handy if I ever get CS.

  • edit menu, copy merged. paste and move layer at will.

    copy, not cut. You'd have to go through each layer deleting the selection before pasting if you wanted to leave a hole.

    Why is it like that? well, what you "move" is actually a temporary layer that your selection has been cut to. This temporary layer is placed on top and will be merged with the layer you moved from when you're done.

    When dealing with multiple layers, this is ambiguous. So it's just not possible.

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