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  • Hi all i have announced my html5 game today and thought i should make a facebook page for the game (Sarif) i was just wondering if some peaple could check the page out and give me tips on how to make it better. and maby like the page if you like the idea of the game.

  • I forgot the link {silly me} here it is:

  • and also i would like to post a game trailer but every screan capture software i used laggs.

  • You know, that you can edit your post, instead of posting 3 times in a row?

    For video capturing, I would suggest Fraps. If it laggs, it might be a problem with your computer, would help if you post your computer specs, so we can see what the main problem is. :)

  • Sorry i just learnd about editning a post.I have a pentium Dual core e2140

    ,gtx 560 ti gaphics card,2 gb ddr2 ram.

  • hmm, does not sound too bad. You shall not have too many problems with capturing videos. Can it be, that you have a lot of other programs running in the background?

    Try to end every program that is currently running that you don't really need (Office, other games, steam, don't know what else). If you call up the task-manager you can see how the CPU is used at the moment and how much of your RAM is free to use.

  • No i dont have other programs running and my cpu is about 50%.I dont think its the Pc because i tried it on a laptop with a core i5.

  • are you sure? I have a lot of programs running at the moment (some do use up a lot of Ram) and my CPU is just used up by 2%.

    Intel i3 3.3 GHz, 4GB Ram

    Never had any problems here using video capture tools.

    Which capturing Tools have you tried so far? Demo versions or registered?

  • Cam studio, jing etc. But ive just used fraps it seems fast enough but how do i get it to record browser games. It seems it only records Direct X video

  • ah sorry, Fraps does only capture DirectX Applications...

    For the browser, all I can think of is this one:


    EDIT: Fraps can record the desktop, but only on Vista and Windows 7, if you are using Windows XP, you have no luck. And you need to use the Aero Desktop.

  • Tried hypercam and it sucks i get jumbled up video.

    also tried fraps in aero i think thats the best option.

    all im wondering is the guys who made super meat boy and Fez and braid what did they use for their trailers

  • Looks like a decent game!

    Could use a more consistent, more harmonious art style :)

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  • 290 Views and still no one has liked me on facebook com on people help out a fellow indie.

  • Ubivis and Rory ive uploaded the trailer ive made could you take a look at it and tell me what you think its at

  • Its good!

    The presentation of the game screen would be much nicer without the FRAPS splash mark and the number thing on the top.

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