How to promote an app project?

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  • Hi all,

    We have an app project and a tumblr blog (in turkish, our native) explaining what we do, what is the project about etc.

    But there is a problem about promotion. How can we promote this blog?

    And we have a goal. We are waiting for reaching 100 followers (we have 9 since 25th of October) in 1-2 months to finish developing and publish first playable version. Otherwise we will quit this project. The idea is, if we cannot reach that goal it will turn out that the project is not a good idea at all and we don't need to bother to develop it. You think this is a good strategy?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Difficult to answer I think as many of us on this forum are English.

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  • It's true that since your blog is in Turkish, it kinda means you're targeting your local audience only. You then need to tweet/facebook about this blog and get Turkish people to follow and like your project.

    Try to reach for local videogame websites/magazines/youtubers/bloggers/reviewers that could relay your project. Invest in some search engine referencing so that Turkish people can easily find your blog as part of their research.

    IMO, it's not necessary because you don't get a 100 people following that the project is not worth it.

    It mainly means that you did not know how to promote it and get people to come check it out and keep them interested/coming back. Marketing is a full time job and you might want to get in touch with some marketing service in your country to help you find your audience and retain it.

  • thanks a lot and Kyatric as usual :)

  • same with others, I think making English version of your blog is important. After that I suggest tweeting with a good and relevant hashtag, that can bring visitors (I've tried it)

  • A late "thanks" for your kind responses :) and Daggio

    I am back in town after many heartbreaks and disappointments and defeats. Maybe just for another defeat. But I will try my best again to make my living by designing games.

    Pray for me please :)


    THE LAST MARCH OF THE ENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Well nothing more to add, just wish you good luck


  • yeah, I wish you good luck as well

  • thank you

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