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  • I've been blue printing some ideas for a 2D Fighter game I'd LOVE to put together.

    I have looked into some of the tutorials and guides, though I haven't started the project yet because I'm waiting to purchase my new computer (within a week or so).

    I have no game developing history, no programming experience & I'm not an artist of any kind.

    I'm starting fresh at 25. I've looked into some artists who may be able to help me with the art design, though I'm always looking to find anyone willing to help.

    I have played a TON of Fighters in my day. Seen a LOT of fighting videos and movies. I have studied many martial arts including Boxing, Jeet Kune Do, Xing Yi Quan and some Karate.

    I didn't realize this before, though I have an extreme passion for fighting games and I have thought of thousands of ways of improving them.

    My goal is to concentrate only on this project because I've been dreaming about making this game for about 5 years and I'd finally like to put it in motion.

    My motivation to create a game as a developer started with this video.

    Seeing how this person created his own Street Fighter engine with his own personalized game mechanics blew my mind away.

    My ideal goal for project is to create a 2D Fighter as dynamic as this.

    I will be posting videos of this project in the near future as I progress through development.

    Let me know your thoughts, advices & opinions.

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