problems in randomizing and falling

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  • hi all.. sorry for the previous thread i made.. this one is now serious.

    i decided to make a superb scrolling game that is somehow a remake of nokia's rapid roll..

    now i got questions on these...

    the sprite name is ground. so i did this : ground.y=ground.y-1 . the condition for this is "system-->always" . i expected the sprite to reduce it's y every time. but it didnt.

    also i got problems with randomizing.

    i did this :

    system-->always, if ground.y = 479 then set ground.x=random(0-639) . somehow the sprite wont change position. i have two movements for this second problem, which is wrap and physics without rotation..

    thanks in advance...

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  • I don't think 'random' can take a negative value. By saying random(0-639) you're not saying between 0 and 639, you are literally saying zero subtract 639, which is random(-639), which probably isn't doing what you want it to. random(640) goes between 0 and 639 inclusive, which is probably what you want.

  • thanks... i still have another problem on object.y=object.y+1 .

  • That should work fine. Try an event like this:

    + Always

    : Sprite - Set Y to .Y + 1

    using .Y is a shortcut for Sprite.Y if it's an action in the same object.

  • thanks!! now this is some falling..


    i had some troubles with that but ashley helped me out.. well, that game is not yet. i got a lot to fix... try it out..


    i had some troubles with that but ashley helped me out.. well, that game is not yet. i got a lot to fix... try it out.. .

    actually i based it from rapid roll, a mobile game for nokia. a pc version would be nice...

  • WOW triple post, new record?

    btw. try figuring out on your own, dont rush with every problem at forum


    well theres no ball yet, and the 3d boxes are not yet polished..

    Correct. There's no ball. And hence, no game to try out. The total sum of interactivity with remake.exe is "Run program" and "Quit program."

    I understand you're excited about learning Construct. That's totally cool. I have to wonder, though, why you keep posting things like this.

    Don't get me wrong, it's okay to post things here. By no means am I saying you shouldn't post your stuff. But please, make it worthwhile. What you have here is a bunch of random boxes falling down the screen. That's not a game, or even a demo. There's really nothing we could give feedback on.

    The point is you don't have to blow your load every time you get excited. If you're uploading something it should be for a small handful of reasons:

    1. To demonstrate a new technique (post .cap)

    2. To help someone with a problem (post .cap)

    4. To get help with a problem (post .cap)

    4. To get feedback on a work-in-progress (post .exe)

    5. To play your finished game (post .exe)

    Personally I have close to a hundred .cap files I've made over the past few months sitting in various folders. Tests, code practice, experiments, backups, whatever. And those are the ones I've deemed worth keeping. I'm sure most people here have much the same thing. I've only ever posted a handful of things though, and it was for one of the reasons above. Nobody's going to be interested in how I can make a cube rotate with the mouse, because if they were they'd do it themselves. Much the same way that watching some boxes fall down the screen isn't all that exciting.

    So what I'm trying to say is take it easy. Do some good, solid work on a project or two before posting your results. If you need feedback, give us something to test out. You've been hopping around the forum like a caffeinated squirrel since you joined up. Dial it down a notch.

    It's not my intent to offend you and I hope you take this constructively.

  • first of all (to deadeye), i know that you know how to read the thread subject...

    lets get to the point:

    i created this thread as a question, not an announcement. regarding the link, it was to show that i had solved things, and not to let you play, but to let people see that i solved my problem..

    its may be true that i am a newbie, and i cant learn so much. thats because im only 14. i havnt had programming lessons yet.i had self tutorials but i stopped because of boredom. i do this (Construct-ing) for fun. i am not a kid who says :" hey! i made a game! weeeee! "

    things that i make may seem basic to you guys(especially deadeye).

    so, if you don't want/like or if you simply hate my creations, then stay out!

    i dont care if you people will ban me in this forum . its just an action which is a piece of shit!

  • i am not a kid who says :" hey! i made a game! weeeee! "

    Of course you arent

  • It was not his intent to offend you, and I wish you had taken it more constructively.

    Relax, in my opinion. Deadeye is peaceful and has some good points. However, it is doubtful anyone is going to stop you from posting what you want unless it becomes a serious problem to the forums.

  • u guys SUCK!

    i dont need your help!

  • [quote:1y9rb7pp]Deadeye is peaceful and has some good points.

    hes a nice person.

  • [quote:20e32pi0]WOW triple post, new record?

    btw. try figuring out on your own, dont rush with every problem at forum

    what the do you expect me to do?!?!?!?!

    i have no knowledge in programming!!!

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