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  • Hello.

    Recently, I posted my first game (Billy Block) in the Works in Progress/Feedback Requests section of the forum, and although I'm proud of my creation and for getting it out there, there's just one problem:

    I haven't gotten any feedback yet.

    Even after posting it on the "Promote your game here" thread, I still haven't gotten anything.

    Enough; I obviously need help, and here's the question:

    Is there anything you can do to help me get feedback?

    Thank you so much.

  • I wouldn't look at it as a instantaneous wishful sort of phenomenon. People aren't machines- even though everyone has become conditioned to hitting buttons and receiving instant responses in modern times..

    I'd suggest just slowing down a bit and do some studies of other games if you are interested in expanding your understanding of games. Try not to be so reliant on a single person's response, etc, because then that leads to bad habits (I'm trying to break some of my own).

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  • just my opinion but I don't think the Scirra / construct forum is the right forum for getting general feedback or promoting a new game.

    You should really post on a forum dedicated to your type of game. Then you will get some real subjective opinions from people who like and play those type of games.

    But here it is mostly creators, with wildly differing ideas and standards. They will be looking very objectively at specific technical aspects or the quality of the artwork etc

    for example if you ask

    "hey guys , Im doing my control like this, can you try it out, how does it feel, is there a better way to do it?"

    you will probably get a lot of technical feedback

    but if you ask

    "hey guys, do you like my game?"

    then you probably wont get much feedback.

  • Thanks for the responses so far, guys, I'll try your suggestions out sometime.

  • I agree with NetOne that is the best way to get feedback, I could post on this thread the link to you game so we could check it out. And good luck with your project

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