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  • If i buy Construct 2 Personal License here, will i receive Serial for Construct 2 Personal Steam version also? Like what occur on YoYo Games with Game Maker Studio?

    Thanks for help! ^^

    Detail: If i posted this on wrong place, please, forgive me, since i'm really new here and had registered today.

  • Can someone answer this my question, please? I just need to know that before buying it.


  • The Steam version and the version from our site are independent and the licenses are not transferrable. If you want to use Construct 2 without it being tied to Steam, you should buy from our site. Note the Steam version does not have any additional features over the version from our site.

  • Ah, ok.. thanks for the info! ^^


  • Just one more question: lets say that Scirra launch a new and more powerful version of Construct 2, like Construct 3, will i can ugrade for free ou by a discount, since i am an owner of previous version?


  • as Scirra are probably not planning something like Construct 3 for a long time, I doubt they'd be able to answer that.

  • Ok, thanks for answer! ^^

    Please, Scirra Staff, when can, answer this my new question! ;]


  • They've already answered in the past by the same answer sqiddster already gave.

    Also IMO, it's unlikely they will "give it for free" to past owners.

    When you buy a cinema ticket to one movie, it doesn't automatically gives you a free ticket or a discount for the sequel, does it ?

    Just be aware that all updates for Construct2 are free and this alone makes the price of the license worth (there's already been more than 80 updates since the first public release). If/when Construct 3 becomes available, I'd consider it natural getting a new license.

  • You get steam license for steam and for non-steam.

  • #Kyatric

    YoYo games always made descounts for users from older version to newer version, that's why i am asking all this.


    Are you 100% sure of that?

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  • That may be true, but Construct 2 tends to release these kind of updates for free without making a whole new version of the program every time they add features and exporters. Also, you get all exporters free unlike Game Maker Studio.

    It's kind of the difference between Windows and Mac: Windows, pay once and free updates for years until new version is made. Mac, buy a new OS every time they add a service pack.

  • Our intent for the foreseeable future is to keep issuing free updates for Construct 2. You can see the list of all free updates we've made here:

    There have been 81 free updates since we started issuing licenses. We have no plans to make "Construct 3" or a paid update for the foreseeable future.

  • Ok, team!

    Thanks for all your answers! ;D


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