Preventing apps from being stolen

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  • Hey guys/gals, given the nature of these web apps, how do you go about keeping your game property from being stolen or copied? I'm a small time developer so I don't necessarily have a lawyer on retainer. What are your recommendations?

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  • The encrypt method C2 already offers, is a great first step:-)

    On the other hand, you'all never be able to protect yourself. Not even the FBI can do that, so that they were hacked every half year by 16-years olds:-D

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  • Please correct me if I'm wrone here, but C2 only minifies the javascript. I don't think there's any obfuscation going on. But anyway, yeah I was hoping there might be some additional options. Thanks for your reply, though!

  • The minification is obfuscation, right? The code is completely unuseable.

    If you're worried about people stealing your assets, there's nothing you can do. By definition HTML5 is open.

  • Have you ever taken a look at the code? It�s completely encrypted here!

  • Yeah, that's what I thought but just wanted to make sure.

    (Technically speaking, minification is just the removal of unecessary characters like newlines, extra spaces, etc., so that the file itself is smaller. It's not encrypted, per se...)

  • It's pretty easy to rip images and sprites from any game, especially since there are tools to capture the screen and then "modified pixels", to single out animated objects.

    In terms of regular players getting a copy of your game, maybe put a special thanks in the credits that stands out and says "Thank you all for purchasing the game and supporting my passion". Nice people generally will buy things if they have the money <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    However, stopping people from cloning your game is tricky. I guess the best to hope for is getting a copyright to at least stop people from reselling your game under their own name (and include your website in the game art, as well as maybe a text or code) so that people always know who really created it.

  • You don't even need a capture tool. When i use chrome and switch to coding mode, there is a library down left, showing every single png used.

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