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  • Some business have an option for premium tickets and help, for example Scriptcase have 10 tickets for 100$ i think, and with this option make faster support for small problems. It is useful if the user needs small problems and when you need to solve on the professional lever and faster.

    Forum support is nice and helpful, but sometimes premium tickets have better help.

    If Construct team thinks that not have time for it, maybe they can involve and some advanced users...


  • We pay a subscription for such a service already.

    Besides adding a premium type of service would demand full time support and the model you mentioned is not sustainable for that as they would most likely have to hire more employees.

  • 10 tickets per year .... not ask much time, but if this grow up, as I wrote they can hire some users.

  • It's not something we're able to offer right now. We've thought about it internally before but for various reasons it's not something we're prepared to do at this stage.

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  • We pay a subscription for such a service already.>

    Yes, they help, but not ultimate and this is fine . RAd software have close system and own code and rules, you can not go on some forum and ask for help like for basic programming language like php or similar, and you need find help inside of this RAD program .a lot users work on own games .... If you working on own game it is fine you will find problem or wait for forum help , but if you working freelance or have dead line and you need fast support it will be nice if you can pay and to pay for professional and official help.

  • There are a plethora of freelancers that can fill that need.

  • yes, i working now on this way, but premium tickets can not hurt anyone right, only can help, it is for small tasks and problems or solutions when users need faster support.

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