is it possible to publish a game and maintain anonymity?

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  • is it possible to publish a game and keep anonymity under a company name? I have some ideas for a game but I'd rather keep my name not publicly associated to it.

  • Bump, I have the same thought.

  • Absolutely, company publishes the game.

    Uses: Adult games comes to mind, where the company and company website are the face and brand.

    Create another company that is the developer for game publisher. Use 3rd party support services... actually better to remove yourself entirely from the banding on most things.

    A pty ltd company is seen as a legal person, and is treated as such.

  • so is it possible to make my personal infos reserved under a company name?

  • IceFrog is still anonymous, so it definitely seems possible

  • It's the same as creating Music, Books, whatever. The artist tend to use a pseudonym not specifically for maintain anonymity but for the author name mathing his product or something. Like do you think that Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta would sell the music Lady Gaga makes? (Yes, that's her real name and I've had to google it)

    And like hellando said whe know a lot of developers who kept anonymity for life. Daft Punk to illustrate the music genere.

    But you know... I think it's way harder to sell a product or even convince someone that your idea is good if you want to remain anonymous. Well SOMEONE would have to know that the ideia is yours couse of copyright reasons... Right?

  • Publish as online persona and keep everything about you far from it.

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  • Sure it is possible. You must remember though, especially in the beginning - depending of your behavior and presentation - anonymity comes with the cost of others possibly not treating you as a serious aspiring professional. Given that it is what you are looking for.

    In the long run a successful anonymity can be good, especially in the indie world. You can create a persona around it that is completely separate of who you actually are. It comes with challenges once you begin gathering followers and supporters around you. Being anonymous might become very lonely unless you have a group of others who want to be anonymous.

    I know I might think far ahead but your goals in the end determine whether it is good to be anonymous or not. If yes, in what degree? If no, why not?

    Personally I prefer interacting with my actual identity with the people I work with. I miss real people and it gives an extra "demand" for professional behavior.

  • In the UK at least this is not possible because a companies director and stake holders are publicly available information, including address...

    This is my understanding anyway.

  • In the UK at least this is not possible because a companies director and stake holders are publicly available information, including address...

    This is my understanding anyway.

    Can't you publish games as an individual and not as a company?

    I mean it is perfectly reasonable to have a brand to use like a "company" behind the game but in my understanding, there is no need to have an actual company registered.

    That's how Japanese indie devs been doing it, both paid and free.

  • Don't know exactly how the laws are where each of us lives. The countries I've lived in (Finland & Norway) all income is taxed and being commercial as a private individual has been made somewhat troublesome - almost impossible in Finland. If you do it for free, then of course there is no problem with it. And brands must be registered to have a legal say when someone knowingly or unknowingly "steals" the brand UNLESS the brand has been known and is established among a wider audience.

    I suggest that you look into what is the game in your country

  • well in Monaco is no tax XD but Monaco is only for rich people

  • Lucky you... if you live in Monaco that is >)

  • Sethmaster Sure you don't have to register a company but then you will be trading under your own name which has no anonymity.

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