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  • Hello all Scirra users,

    The good news is we're upgrading our server, currently we are on a virtual server with these specs:

    Dual Core 2.2ghz

    2GB Ram

    10mbps connection

    And we're upgrading to this dedicated server:

    Quad Core 3.2ghz

    8GB Ram

    100mbps connection (it can upload/download at 100mbps!)

    Moving server however means there might be a bit of downtime over the next day or so, we're working hard to make it as smooth transaction as possible! If you can't access the site don't panic, best to wait a few hours then try again :)

    The new server is based in USA, this means slightly slower for people in Europe, but faster for just about everyone else. The new specs should mean that overall the website should be faster for everyone.

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  • 100 megabit, not byte... a big difference ;)

    otherwise, really nice... hope everything will work out fine with the move... I know for myself how strange such moves, from my Wiki move from one Server to another, can be :)

  • Doh I've been up all night sorry! Fixed now :)

    Our current server is 10mbit, this new server has a 100mbit connection, and the upgrade to 1gbit isn't too expensive either which is a good option for the future perhaps if we ever need it!

  • Im in Europe (Bulgaria) but the new numbers seems to be good. :D

  • Now i know why the Scirra website is offline in 24 Feb...

  • Everything should be working fine now, that took a lot longer than expected so sorry everyone! The site should be fine now.

    The new server is very fast as well which is good :)

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