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  • One of the greatest parts of working with Construct2 is the amount of active users willing to help you with their knowledge and ideas.

    The "How Do I" part of this forum is very active and there are always users willing to guide you in the right direction.

    When I started using Construct2, I wasn't much of a programmer. Actually I hoped I could maybe once in the future make my designs interactive, but my hopes weren't high. On the forum however I found examples of what could be done and some of them amazed me. Although I couldn't understand any of the events behind them, they inspired me to keep learning. Hoping to do the same for others, now I roam these forums sharing my limited amount of aqcuired wisdom.

    In my first days Yann and R0J0hound were probably the ones that inspired me the most.

    Still a lot of what they show/showed is pretty amazing and sometimes difficult to grasp, but like I said I'm not really a programmer, just some guy who likes to create nice looking things..

    Another user I can't afford not to thank is rexrainbow for his enormous amount of plugins, which can be a great help..

    I guess the "moveto" plugin was the first third-party-plugin I installed a few years ago and it's still usefull to this day..

    So thanks everyone for making this such a great community and helping eachother achieve our wishes!

    If you'd like to contribute to this thread and thank the ones that inspired/helped you, be my guest..

    Spread the positivity, share your gratitude..

  • like some users forget to tell you : thank you for your help LittleStain

    (and thank you korbaach too)

  • Thanks

    On that note I'll add RamPackWobble to the thank you list..

  • Thanks, that's very kind of you.

    I add Kyatric to the list - I think he must of answered every possible question that could be asked about C2 by now.

  • Thanks.

    I agree with the quoted names, so let's just thanks anyone that takes the time to read any issue posted on the forums and provide a sensible and helpful answer to them.

    And a special shout out to

  • Perhaps there should be a shout out to those regulars that have gone on.

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  • Perhaps there should be a shout out to those regulars that have gone on.

    I agree..

    Many people have made these forums what they are, guiding and helping and in return creating new regulars who try to follow in their footsteps..

    Words of thanks for all of those willing to share their knowledge, past, present and future..

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