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  • This post is brought to you by Nintendo...and the number 3. And the letter D...and the letter S.

    And the web browser app.

  • This just goes to show that I'm very easily amused with my tech toys. :) I'm in a good mood. LOL

    So how are you? :D

  • So how is it? I hear the 3DS is getting Monster Hunter, I love MH :) How is the browser?

  • Out of curiosity, what does the 3DS browser score on ScirraMark?

  • Ashley , just sold mine :)

    I remember the performance was horrible and the loading was really slow ...

  • jayderyu - The browser is decent. It's not at all C2-worthy. But it is certainly good enough to browse most web sites - though my access to my the internet is not regular and I have my laptop, so I don't use my 3DS browser. It takes some getting used to browsing via a dual screen, but it's not difficult to use. The tedious part is tapping in every character for a web address or a message. LOL But if it's all you got, it's functional, definitely.

    Ashley - Loading it on my 3DS, ScirraMark doesn't even recognize it, so it seems. It says:

    Your browser scores ? out of ? (?)

    You are using: Mozilla/5.0 (Nintendo 3DS; U; ;en) Version/1.7552.US

    - It definitely doesn't compare to a computer. But it's functional. :)

  • Heh, the browser is so old it can't even run the test... not a good sign! :P

  • Ashley - LOL Yeah, browser-speaking, it's not in the slightest ready for C2. It's best to see if you can make C2 exportable to the 3DS app market...if that's even possible. I don't know...well...anything about the inner-workings of the 3DS and how it compares with C2's abilities and foundation.

    I don't know for SURE, but I have HEARD that Nintendo charges a hefty sum for 3rd-party developers to make games for their stuff. Not to discourage the prospect, and I might be wrong, but just an FYI. At the same time, I think it would be a GOOD possibility to at least look into. Obviously the WiiU and the 3DS are good places to provide indie games a chance to shine.

  • Actually, can you clarify something for me?

    How exactly does exporting work?

    You have your project on C2, itself, which can be previewed in any of the three main browsers. But then say you want to export a game to Facebook, or a game made for Android or the iPhone. What goes on behind the scenes that make an HMTL5-based game program compatible with other platforms. After all, Android is Java based... How does the translation process work? (I imagine this is maybe "intellectual property" related, so it is okay if you can't give me much on the details).

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  • Actually even on an Export to CocoonJS for IOS or Android. It's in fact running on effectivly a browser based technologies. Often either using Mozilla or Chromes V8 to handle JavaScript. A UIWebView which is a minimal browser window.

    However, often many of the extention features are lacking. Audio, Mic, camera, tilt GPS. Then the writers of the wrapper link them it.

    In away Its' a custom browser with the only job of running the one web application as fast as possible.

  • jayderyu - LOL Most of that was well over my head.

    But from the ScirraMark, it doesn't sound like C2 would work on the 3DS browser anyway... And it would look really odd and be two small being on dual screens.

  • Heh, the browser is so old it can't even run the test... not a good sign! :P

    Why didn't Nintendo use Chromium or any other open-source browser library?

  • According to this Wiki page, it seems that there's some serious lacking in the department of overall support. Not that I understand most of it.

    I'm sure Ashley can make sense of it.

  • Browsers are moving quickly, with 6 week updates from Firefox and Chrome. Keeping up with these releases if you have a browser on another platform, e.g. the 3DS, is difficult and time consuming work. That makes it expensive, so unless there is a strong motivation to make the browser excellent, they probably won't bother updating the browser. I guess not many people actually browse the web on console devices like that, so they don't have the motivation to keep it up to date. I think they just want to say "...and you can browse the web!" and be done with it... never mind if it is so old it's riddled with compatibility problems!

  • That makes sense. And it's unfortunate, too. It would at least be cool to CONCEIVE of ideas that might be 3DS-specific via C2. Ah well...maybe NEXT Nintendo DS system release......

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