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  • Can we please disable the popup to buy Super Ubie Land? I getting annoyed having to click the little x every page. I use a net book and the add takes up too much screen space. Although, even if it did take up less space I got the advertisement in my email and If I wanted I would have bought it them.

    I spent what I consider a lot of money for a personal licence (Steam purchased) and don't want to see adds when I come here for the manual or the forum.

  • I'm not getting it anymore. It appeared once, I closed it, and never saw it again

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  • I'm still getting it multiple times. There appears to be a different memory for every manual entry. Once you x-close the advertisement for a page it doesn't pop back up for that page again.

    Either way I don't want to see it even once. I don't think its a good move for Scirra to be trying to push game sales on users who are likely trying to make there own. Adds would work well in the Arcade.

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