Poll: Do you have a 64-bit OS?

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  • Just curious how many of you have a 64-bit OS. To check for Vista or Windows 7, go Start, right-click Computer, select Properties, and it's listed under 'System type' (eg. "64-bit operating system"). I've forgotten how to check on XP

    Note this is different to having a 64-bit CPU. You can still install a 32-bit OS on a 64-bit CPU, and most CPUs these days support 64-bit, but I'm sure there are still a lot of 32-bit OSs around (mainly due to XP).

    I'm not going to be coding anything 64-bit any time soon (the only benefit is possibly a small performance gain on 64-bit systems, and involves substantial code maintenance), but it'd be interesting to know how far 64 bit has gotten these days.

  • 32 versus 64

    the past against the future.


    the past takes the first place.

  • I used to, having the 64-bit Windows 7 RC installed for a little bit, but I thought it was the cause of driver problems with my cheap Bluetooth headset and switched to 32-bit. That problem turned out to actually be Microsoft's removal of Bluetooth audio drivers from Windows.

    I slowly cry myself to sleep every night, now.

  • 64bit OS and quad cpu here and wouldn't look back. The only time I've come up against incompatibilities was badly written software, but I've rarely ever had something that failed to run at all. Except "Platform Studio" which is why I ended up finding Construct. I dunno if they fixed it now, but it doesn't matter, the way they kinda hid the whole not quite as free as we'd like you to believe thing, put me off.

  • both 32 (lappy) and 64 (desktop) bit here, so I can make a fair comparison.

    64 bit's main benefit seem to be just access to my full 4Gb RAM. 64 bit dll's can't link to 32 bit program (nor can 32bit link to 64) so this bring incopatibilities in software that takes plugins... such as photoshop. Yeah. Don't go 64 bit there.

    Games are usually 32 bit... yet logitech insisted to force 64bit install on my wheel's drivers, so I get no force feedback (at least I think that's the reason).... so..... no gain, really, unless you need to handle huge memory loads.

  • I would probably use 64 bit but my soundcard which is audigy SE doesn't rly work with even normal 32bit drivers I need some special drivers that took months to find and i'm too scared and lazy to try find new ones that would work...

  • I'm using 32bit Vista right now, planning on going up to 64bit windows 7 when i build my new PC.

    Also the poll seems to be broken for me: The submitted form was invalid. Try submitting again.

  • audigy SE doesn't rly work with even normal 32bit drivers

    That's strange. I have one of those waiting for a motherboard replacement so it can fit along my monster-sized videocard. Driver support was excellent in the past.

  • win7 64 here

  • Win7 32.

    I have ZERO interest in 64-bit right now. It's a minor increase in performance for select software, and making 64-bit software for anyone other than professionals right now, is silly.

    Besides, Windows 8 may be 128-bit when released ...

  • I run Vista 64-bit on my desktop pc and Vista 32-bit on the lappy. My Windows 7 discs will probably arrive sometime after Christmas.

  • XP 64 on studio computer and xp 32 at home in my old P4 (very usefull to optimize games ;D)

  • 64bit all the way.

    32bit with its 4gigs of ram limitation already sucked years ago.

  • I have Superior Windows XP 64

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  • Windows XP Professional Corporate 32 bit - this year.

    ReactOS 0.4.x 32 bit - in 2010.

    P.S. suppose, that Ashley will continue "the poll season" - "favourite antivirus", "favourite game", "favourite photo-camera", "favourite site" etc.

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