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  • Hi guys,

    I've recently been hired by Team Ethereal to make a score for their upcoming medieval combat game titled Ethereal. The team is now part of IGN/Gamespy indie iniciative. Please help us and vote for Ethereal at the poll as the winner gets free promotion of their game by IGN and Gamespy. And this is a big chance for me as a composer to let my music reach many people out there.

    For more info on the game go to

    Thanks guys

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  • I am conflicted.

    On the one hand, I congratulate you on your cool job opportunity. That's pretty awesome, and I wish you luck

    On the other hand, The Next Game Boss is a totally crap show and IGN is terrible. Especially after Cryptic Sea got bumped out on the first challenge but those lame frat boys who sketched up a dominatrix as their "ultimate boss" skated on through.

    But if you had to be affiliated with any one of those teams then I guess Ethereal is the best of what's left. At least their game looks pretty interesting.

  • Sure, Ill vote for Ethereal. When can we see the results ?

  • Hi Guys,

    Thanks for your support. Well basicaly story of me being hired by Ethereal was quite random. I just liked their game and thought would be cool to write music for it so i've send tham an email

    daamee I have no idea when you u will be able to see the resoults, however maybe in the next episode they will say. Or maybe after the series will finish. Dunno.

    What i know is that the winner will get free promotion of their game!

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