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  • Sorry guys, but this task is complete, Thank you Black Hornet!

    Hi all!

    I am having some trouble with my game and have spent weeks trying to fix it.

    Although it is unpaid, I am prepared to give you a copy of the game and put your name in the QA section of the credits.

    Your mission should you choose to accept it is to fix the issue so that the level select menu runs as it should.

    I have included 2 capx files. One is the game with bug entitled "One Crazy Knight" or "OCK" and the other is a build of the menu on its own, so that you can see a working example.

    Some things need to be explained first:

    One Crazy Knight is a physics shooter designed for players of all ages and skill levels as it has a 3 star difficulty system built into, much like other games.

    The way this works is the player collects between 0 and 3 stars on the level and then selects "you win" to move to the level select menu and then the corresponding tile on the level select menu is changed to the correct star/locked/open status This way the player can return to the level to complete it again with a higher star rating, thus giving us a variety of difficulties.

    Expected result:

    The level select menu runs as described above with the level sprite tiles changing correctly. By correctly I mean the level progress status of 1 star displaying 1 star, 2 star displaying 2 stars, 3 star displaying 3 stars, open displaying a plain blue square and locked displaying a lock.

    Actual result:

    Currently the level select menu only runs for 3 levels when started from the start menu and the function/feature does not work as intended due to an error in the code.

    My understanding of the problem so far:

    The fact that the game only runs for three levels could mean that the code has been crossed with the 3 star system and that is why it only goes to level 3 and when you try to go to 4, lvl 4 tile is locked on the level select menu.

    The problem could be with code in the level select menu, particularly the start of layout events that reset some variables, although I have made adjustments in this respect so that only the specific variable is reset.

    I feel that this problem may have been caused by my decision to be efficient and build the menu outside the project and then integrate it rather than building it in the game. The reason for this was to save me time if I wanted the menu for future projects.

    It is now clear that this has COST me time, not saved it. The reason that I have told you this is so that others can be mindful of the same mistake.

    IMPORTANT NOTE<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    By downloading the capx files you are agreeing to use them only for the purposes described above. All work remains the property of Andrew Martin, all rights reserved.

    The build menu:

    Sorry, this has been removed, thank you for your help

    One Crazy Knight!

    Sorry, this has been removed, thank you for your help

    Thank you to all that read this and particularly to anybody that is prepared to look into it.

    This is my first project that I intend to go public with and I am pleased with the results so far, although the main menu is not to the standard yet, I like to think that anybody would be proud to have their name on it and I hope you do too.

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  • Two things:

    1) From ELevel3+, you have System:Reset global variables to default. Don't!

    2) On every menu select you are setting the current level to levelsprite.level, but this is going to be the value 0 to 5, which is your scoring system. Hard code them to the level numbers; 0,1,2...

  • You are awesome!

    Ill let you know how I get on!

  • >>>>>>>>Sorry, this post is closed as the issue has been found<<<<<

    Thank you for your help Black Hornet, can you private message me your email address and name, so I can add you to the credits and send you a copy on completion.

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