Please help my mom fight cancer

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  • This isn't the type of thing I would typically post here, and hopefully people recognize me as an active part of the community. But my mom's cancer has come back and worse than it was just a few months ago. Her debt is enormous and will be growing even more very soon.

    Please help contribute to my mom's healthcare--she can't qualify for nearly any other kind of aid despite not even being able to afford her current medical bills.

    Give Forward campaign.

    Any donation, share, or kind thoughts will go a long way toward helping. I sincerely thank you!

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  • My son has lung problems, our medical aid refuse to cover his chronic medication or lung specialists fees (he has a few dr's) so I feel your pain.

    The bills are extremely stressful, one whole salary goes to cover those bills, and we scrap by on the other.

    Wish your mom all the best.

    Would suggest you check out iodine supplementation - found my son was completely deficient in it. All the meds he is on wipe out his immune system much like cancer treatment. Because of the meds, certain nutrients can't bind or be ingested B12 etc etc.

    Worth looking into that too.

  • I wish your mother to get back to health.

  • Ive heard apple seeds have a poison in them that does nothing until they come in contact to cancer cells than they kill the cancer cell you might research that

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