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  • It is finally done! Made completely with C2! I would be thankful for any votes!


  • Gillis - Nice looking game

    Voted and added to my Collection of C2 games on Greenlight

    Good luck with your Greenlight campaign.

    Don't get discouraged by any 'No' votes and negative comments - even the top games are getting less than 50% 'Yes' votes these days.

    Current Greenlight stats for Top 50 games:

    Visitors: ~25,000

    Voted: ~18,000

    Yes votes: ~8,000

    No votes: ~10,000

    Basically, if you can get ~25,000 people visiting your Greenlight page you're almost guaranteed to make it onto Steam.

    Few quick tips:

    • The artwork is very nice but you really should add a gameplay video, people want to see games in action
    • Find all the relevant collections on Steam and ask to be added: getting 10 votes each from 100 collections gets you more than 10% to your goal
    • Create a press kit and send out a press release to announce the game: submit here. Even if only picked up by a few minor sites it will drive visitors to your Greenlight page (make sure you include a link!).
    • Find contact details for the Lead Reviewer/Editor on all the indie game sites and email them asking to preview your game: give them free alpha copy. Once released get back in touch and ask for a review
    • Find indie game forums and post about the game in relevant sections: don't spam though
    • Contact any "Let's players" who like indie games or your style of game and ask them to give it a go (provide free copy)
    • Add a link in your Scirra forum signature, so every post you make is advertising your game: everyone here is friendly and helpful, if they see the link they'll probably vote
    • Get all your friends and family to share it on Facebook, Twitter, etc.
    • If you have any sort of mailing list e.g. players, blog followers, forum members, etc., send out a newsletter asking them to vote. If it's less than 2,500 email addresses you can use MadMimi free of charge

    Also, add your game to other indie friendly game stores

    For example:

    They don't generate as much income as Steam, but they do give you exposure that can help get you through Greenlight.

    Anyway, I hope that helps and again good luck with your game.

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  • Gillis Nice art style i like it

    I voted and good luck with your game

  • Thanks guys!

    OddConfection Thanks for the excellent advice.

  • Gillis - No worries, happy to help.

    Couple things I forgot to add:

    • try to get into an indie bundle, it won't get you much money but just think of it as advertising. You might need to offer free Steam keys to avoid any backlash though.
    • Kickstarter is an option since you haven't finished the game. Not only can it help fund development, but people who see you on Kickstarter might go to your Greenlight and vice versa, it's win-win. Even if you don't reach your Kickstarter goal, it will still drive traffic to Greenlight. There are other crowd-funding options, but Kickstarter is the one Steam has an in-built widget for.
  • Voted. The lack of a video on the Greenlight page is something to fix as mentioned by various commenters.

    Consider a Kickstarter for episode 2. Episode 1 did well enough on Kickstarter to justify a reboot.

  • Thanks all! Video up!

  • Voting up.

  • Thanks all. I have had an amazing outpouring of support so far.


  • Gillis, fantastic looking game, can't wait to try it out! We've given it a thumbs up on Steam, and retweeted your #screenshotsaturday post!

    Good luck with it, hope to download SOON!

  • Have you guys had good response from indiegamestand?

  • I'm a little very lazy to login to steam. Been long time.

    But guess what, I did it to greenlight vote this one

    Good luck mate!

  • Great looking game, definitely a yes vote from me.

    Much respect.

  • Thanks All! I am most likely going to be in IndieGala in August via Desura... so wish me luck!


  • Gillis - I've added you game to my PC games list. But I can't vote your game as my Steam account still limited.

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