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  • The thing I was most excited for at this year's E3 was the announcements of some games, and Sony planes to do with the NGP (er...PS Vita) I actualy prefure NGP but oh well. Anyway Watching the Sony E3 show made me more excited then EVER about the PS Vita. I was already excited that I was going to be able to play PS3 quality games on the go (I loved the psp, but the PS Vita totaly kicks it's ass)

    Before the PSP came out, I only liked the IDEA of handhelds because the gameboy advanced only had like 3 or 4 games I liked and weren't up to par with the ps2 and orginal xbox. When the PSP came out, I basically forgot my PS2. Because I like to watch TV while playing games (I don't know why, I just do) WHen the PS3 came out, I was less interested in the PSP but I still played it alot. I was going to get a 3ds but they have like 3 games I'm interested that are coming out this year (Resident Evil 3d Mecernaires, MGS 3-DS, and Zelda 3d) Although the 3d is pretty cool, it gave me head ackes and was only cool in one of the 7 launch titles for it.(Lamest Launch line up EVER)

    I think that the PS Vita will KILL the 3ds, the wi-fi model is just as much, and has alot of cool features such as: 2 analog sticks, PS3 qualtiy graphics, 5- Inch LED touch screen, Back Touch Pad, NEAR service, playstation suite, 6-axis motion sensor, and a killer line up of games, PLUS MORE.

    More on the topic of awesome games, here are some I'm particuly excited for.

    Silent Hill: Book of Memories

    I don't care if there are like NO details on this game yet, the name is worth enough as a must


    Uncarted: Goldern Abyss

    This too, is a bigee. It has THE EXACT SAME GRAPHICS AS UNCARTED. But don't think this is

    a port, this is a prequal to the first uncarted game. Although it seems like it plays like the

    PS3 Uncarted games, it takes FULL advantage of the NGP's features, for example; when you

    use a sniper, you have the options to use the 6-axis sensor to move the PSV around like you

    were aiming a real sniper.

    Little Big Planet

    This one will be a treat for you game developers (we all are). My favorite feature is that you

    can use the DEV tools from both LBP and LBP2, have you seen some of the stuff people have

    made with LBP2? Look it up. The second big feature, is that the game features all the levels

    made on the PS3 versions of the games.

    Dragon's Crown

    Oh how I love hack-and-slash action games. If you have played games like Knights of the Round

    and Golden Axe, you'll fall in love with this game. To add iceing to cake, the 2d graphics are

    freaking AWESOME, and it has (I think) 6 player co-op. Oh and femiminsts should not play

    this game, because the female characters are VERY HOT, and their boobs are HUGE (but not

    in a bad way) and with every movement they, jiggle, and shake. BONUS.


    DO you love games like Tourchlight and Diablo? Then you will absoultly LOVE REIN. But there

    are some major differences between this game and Diablo, mostly in the Online catorgory.

    There is no co-op/pvp (I believe) but you can trade items, and stuff like that, but the best

    online feature is how you store your massive piles of loot. You set up defenses in your vault,

    and if your online, people can invade your vault, what's the only thing defenidng your preious

    goodies are the defenses you put up.

    Sound Shapes

    This is defintly a game that music people can get into, there is no soundtrack in the levels, the

    objects in the game itself, make the noises which in turn make the soundtrack. The game

    doubles as an music making app because you can just make music (with a variety of

    instruments) And you can edit your levels. (I forgot to forget that it's a puzzle game)

    Honorable Mentions:

    > Reality Fighters

    > Wipeout 2048

    > Super Stardust Portable

    > Little Deviants

    Other Titles

    > Modnation Racers

    > Hustle Kings

    > Hot Shots Golf

    I think it's wierd that I only NOT insterested in 3 PS Vita games, while I was only interested with 3 3DS games.n

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  • I'm not really a handheld gamer when it comes to 3D games (My parents think they wasted money getting me a PSP and DS) but the PS Vita does look pretty impressive. I'm hoping it has backwards compatibility. I'll never bother getting a 3DS, since its likely there'll be emulators for it. I won't take graphics over gameplay, ever, but I'll consider buying it for the games and other stuff. When it becomes cheap. And yes, I predict it will cost more than the 3DS's already outrageous price. I remember when handheld systems such as the GBA were like 40 dollars, and games cost no more than 15 bucks lol. (I really, loved my GBA)

  • I don't usually like handhelds, but this one has a decent screen size and some nice power. Wonder if it will run HTML5.

  • I don't think psv will beat 3ds at all. 3ds has got amasing new mario game, and few new cool games comming out. End the remakes look very good too.

    I'll buy it some day. i never hurry with any console.

    alspal i don't think so. Sony doesn't support web browsers.

  • That's the problem with the 3ds, why are there so many ports and remakes? I have most of the games their remaking. What do you mean they don't support web broswer? The PSP was (I think) the first handheld gaming device to have a web broswer and the ps3 has one. Even though they aren't the best, I bet the PS vita will have a good internet browser. I never was a fan of mario, I tried over and over again to like it but I always thought metroid was better.

  • I have never been attracted to "real games" on handheld... few hours on gaming on a bed brought me little joy, battery life issues, and joint pain. My DS is more than enough for 15 minutes breaks or short travels, and I have a PC that is very good at everything it needs to do.

    I don't plan to get the 3DS though, bigger size and 3d defeat the casual usage for me.

  • I'm wondering what the hell they were thinking making it 3G. I mean, why not 4G? Why would you release a 3G device now? It's hardly cutting edge. Would have been impressive two years ago maybe.

    And on top of that, they're using AT&T. I laughed out loud when I heard that... and what made it even funnier was that the crowd had a mix of boos and laughs when they announced the AT&T service.

    I also think it's odd that they went with actual analogue sticks instead of thumb-sized touchpads. I mean that phone that plays Playstation games has those... why would you invent a solid state virtual machine only to revert to a physical machine in your next generation of hardware? I know there are a lot of people who would prefer the analogue sticks, but still it seems odd, like a technological step backward. And yeah I know that phone is actually made by Ericsson but whatever.

    Anyway I'm not much of a handheld gamer either. I had a PSP for about two years and I hardly played the thing. It was even jailbroken, with Nintendo and Sega emulators and a hundred games on it, and I still wound up playing those same emulator games on my PC while the PSP sat there gathering dust. I guess I just really don't get handheld gaming in general. When I'm at home I have consoles and computers to play on. When I'm outside, well, I'm busy being outside.

  • Dual thumb sticks is one of the best things about Vita. The sliding pad on PSP felt awful in comparison to thumbsticks.

  • I agree it would be better, I didn't really like the pad on the PSP. And it broke all the time. I had to replace it with a few different , and once I actually had to replace the little controller unit inside.

    Anyway I meant the little touch-sensitive pads on this thing:

    Those apparently behave like analogue sticks but they have no moving parts to break, which is why I thought it was a little odd that they have actual sticks on the Vita.

  • You guys must have been rough on your PSPs, I have about 300 hours on monster hunter unite, 175 on MGS peacewalker, 49 on Granturismo, and about 300+ combined through-out my othergames and not once has my psp's analog pad broke. The worst that happened to my psp is that I accidently restart the thing. Also, the reason they picked 3G because it's cheaper, and it's currently more avaible then 4G.

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