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  • I dunno about your server costs and bandwidth, but how about a place for members to upload Capx,Plugins,Behaviours,Graphics etc to share with other members, this would build a valuable resource for C2 and CC, especialy for new people to this.

    Maybe you could have when items are uploaded options so they go into catagories and be able to add a small description.

    Alot of other game creation sites have this, and it beats tralling through forums for stuff that people have released for the public to use.

    Like i did a basic Defense Engine (yeh very very basic) but things like this could be uploaded and you get a good set of resources on your site.

    Just a thought..!

  • Thanks for the suggestion! All these things, and more are planned :) It's just going to take a while to get them all written.

  • For now you can use DropBox, that's probably the best method of uploading things easily right now.

  • For games, I wouldn't recommend using dropbox to host them (if your using non-paid). I put a couple of my old games on it (10mb each), and I had my account suspended for a few days for going over the bandwidth as there's a 10gb a day bandwidth limit.

    At the moment I'm using mediafire, is there a better alternative?

  • Thanks for the suggestion! All these things, and more are planned :) It's just going to take a while to get them all written.

    No probs i understand how busy the team are...

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  • I use MetaFire free. The one thing I do not like about it is that free users can only update files only up to five times. So, if I want to keep the same link I already sent to people, update the existing file, I can only do it, well for me, three more times (total for account, not per file).

    I host my own site and all and I could do it like that, give known people a direct link that stays the same, but wanting to give some access to my (future) work on my resume and LinkedIn profile for potential employers (been out of work for four months now). I can not keep the same link posted that goes to the MediaFire link as it will change after my upload limit hits five total.

    Hmmm, come to think of it, I wonder if, on MediaFire, giving people a link to a subfolder would always stay the same when changing files inside the folder.... hmmmm. Will look at that later (yea, could do it all now but going outside to the shed to do some measurements first on a table).

    I do not know yet (looking into it today) if Dropbox has the same limitations.

    To host files for people takes tremendous storage space. I would love an online storage option to backup terabytes of personal data, but problems arise with security and protection of my content from prying eyes (like the host employees) and the case if the host goes under and sells to another host, what happens then?? Free hosting is useful but limited in space and security (security for people uploading games is optional I guess right now).

    I would never recommend your "cloud" files to ever be your main files and most updated versions.

    My random, scattered thoughts.

  • Looks like on MediaFire I can change out files (delete and upload new copy, opposed to updating) and the link to the folder stays the same for users. Need to just make sure on your account, extended sharing is enabled.

    "Extended sharing allows you to share folders. Basic sharing offers the greatest security but prevents folder sharing. With basic sharing you can ONLY share individual files."

    MediaFire, free, only allows 200M of space.

  • : Would you have more detail about the traffic restrictions please ?

    I quickly ran through dropbox's site and I didn't see anything refering to this.

    Maybe it used to be limited and isn't anymore ?

    Anyway, for C2 apps (which are generaly not big apps) it's quite suitable. (same about capx)

    And there is no advertising or "Click this link to finaly download the file" like on mediafire or other hosts of the like.

  • Seriously considering that Dropbox is free, 10gb is a lot of bandwidth.

  • Kyatric, Was only a month or so ago since my account got suspended (3 days only) for using the 10gb limit, they have the limit revealed on this page:


    inks that use up more than 10GB/day for Basic (free) accounts and 250GB/day for Pro (paid) accounts are automatically suspended.

    Newt, correct, dropbox is great but you still need to be aware of hosting large files that may be downloaded a lot (I didn't think anyone would want to download those games but they did).

  • e watch carefully for any fraudulent use of Dropbox public links and will suspend suspicious links when they are detected. Links that use up more than 10GB/day for Basic (free) accounts and 250GB/day for Pro (paid) accounts are automatically suspended.

    f you think you've been inappropriately flagged, contact Product Support.

    : As your links are not frauduluent (these are your own games right ?) this might be worth contacting them.

    Apparently there's no other mention of this restriction elsewhere on the site.

    If you contact them and "prove" your links are legit, maybe they will "unflag" your account ?

  • It might be worth everyone checks with their ISP's, it used to be the case (not sure anymore) that your ISP would give you some webspace/bandwidth which is good quality.

  • hi thanks for your information

  • Maybe put it in Construct's engine page in IndieDB? Has everyone forgotten it? I know it's not the place to upload quick examples but maybe as a database for plugins?

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