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  • Pixel art... True pixel art, like the examples in this thread so far... Is a dying skill. Not many people can still make real artwork this way any more. These examples look great though. Outstanding and inspirational.


    shrinking yes but dying? nah.

    Sol, look at what happends with hand made creation on the market when mass, automated production lines were developed.

    And now you have arts&crafts :) what was once popular and mainstream turned to be now exclusive and expensive.

    Pixel Art wont die. I belive in exact opposite. In world of procedural generation, powerfull creation tools, nextgen graphics etc Pixel Arts will hold its ground and became something very precious. Because one thing is set in stone: theres virtualy no way of "generating" Pixel Art.

    Just like with hand painting or poetry.

    As a matter of fact i consider Pixel Art as a real art. Just made with mouse and PC screen instead of paints and canvas :)

    Even the most beautifull nexgen 3D graphics with pixel shader 9000 will bow before hand made detailed Pixel Art.

    Why? call me me crazy, but because Pixel Art has soul. In each creation you can sense its creator. In its inperfectency is buried its beauty.

    And this is something that no human made algorythm will ever mimic.

  • Oh when I say dying I don't mean it will ever completely vanish...

    Dying means pretty much what you said... shrinking...

    It's just a very uncommon skill that people possess and use these days, and I mainly blame 3D for that.


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  • It's just a very uncommon skill that people possess and use these days, and I mainly blame 3D for that.


    same. But hey, look at the indie gaming. this is where 2D will be reborned :)

  • I totally agree.

    I still prefer 2D in most cases anyway. Personally I think you can get a much better looking game using 2D than using 3D any day.


  • hell yeah. 3D will never beat 2D in terms of details and their visibility/exposure.

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