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  • I'm trying to create my own 8bit looking sprites for the first time. I want some opinions on this one crab sprite i tried.

  • I like it

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  • Thanks!

    I'm using a program called "Aseprite". It's a trial that won't let you save your work, but i found that you can copy and paste it into another program (like paint)

  • The lack of clear boundaries makes it looks like an early NES design, kinda like kid icarus:


    However the eyes seems... too "skin-colored" in my opinion, but that may be just me.

  • hey, any constructive criticism is welcome. And plus, i think kid icarus looks much better than my crab, haha.

  • i like it, it definitely looks like a crab!

    you should try to give it more contrast and maybe make it a tiny bit smaller, for me it looks like a little too big for the detail level, i would try to squeeze it in 16*24px, but i always struggle with these two things myself

  • I magic of 8-bit is how to make things look alike and resemble the reality with highly limited amount of space and colors to use. Limited options always invoke and force creativity. I am no authority when it comes to 8bit visual design but I think that it looks very, very good with the exception of eyes that the others earlier mentioned.

    If you want to improve, experiment with optional colors for example or just take another object/character to model

  • i like it, very cool !!!

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