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  • I noticed a lot of you guys have Photoshop, yet your uploaded images are HUGE! I pride myself on the fact that my image uploads are generally under 100kb, and even my sig with alpha channel is under 70kb.

    When you save your image for upload, instead of going FILE > SAVE AS > JPEG, try FILE > SAVE FOR WEB > JPEG (Medium or High depending).

    You can try a simple experiment to see what I mean, by loading up a blank canvas, squiggle some lines on it then do SAVE AS > JPEG and then again as SAVE FOR WEB > JPEG (high) and you should notice the difference in file size, yet the image quality should appear 99% the same.

    Give it a go! No more 1Mb images PLEASE, I mean PLOX!


  • PngCrush is a good tool too, you can brute force PNG files and make them the smallest they can possibly be, ever.

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  • LOL Australia's internet sucks *loads 1mb images all day, is cool*

  • LOL Australia's internet sucks *loads 1mb images all day, is cool*

    All the more reason for you to use this:

    <img src="">


  • I tried...

    [quote:1lz5jnsk]It was not possible to determine the dimensions of the image.

    Also, make me a skinnier one and I'll love you forever. The width is nice, but it's too tall. Something in the 30px high range. I post more than anyone else here (i.e. I'm a dirty spambot), and as cool as that sig is do you guys really want to see that huge image all the time?

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