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  • By this time, im sure all of you are aware of the SOPA bill currently making its way through US legislation. if not, i suggest you do a quick google search (while you still can!)

    all you need to do is write in your email, thats it, thats all. add your voice. individually our voices are a drop in a puddle, but together they become a powerful wave. Spread the word on all your forums etc.

  • I agree, but here's an easier way that involves less searching, reading, and writing

  • I support this, SOPA just seems to be incredibly stupid and I hope it doesn't go through.

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  • Uh, I've just looked at the image... should I expect a SWAT team to burst in through windows?

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  • Uh, I've just looked at the image... should I expect a SWAT team to burst in through windows?no, I should

  • ...and us? :S

  • I don't want to go to american jails. They feed you with Mc... wait that's copyrighted too, amirite ?

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  • I find it moronic that many American politicians and many Americans for that matter, bash Communism for being an evil to be destroyed due to many of its leaders using censorship to 'duct tape' the voices that scream liberty and freedom, then turn around and create these two bills that does exactly the thing they supposedly loath.

    It's already bad enough watching American politics from across the border north and wonder what in nine hells they're doing, but these two bills are just outright retarded (apologies to those medically retarded). There are better ways to combat piracy, which it seems none of the big names have taken and instead go after the mom and pop users, like fining one single mother of four $1.5 million for downloading a few MP3's.

    What really amazes me is that the RIAA seriously was pleased with this ruling. Oh yes, please enact capital punishment for petty thieves while they do nothing against the real problem: the pirate hackers and distributors.

    Now with SOPA and the other bill, the government are seriously idiots and so is the RIAA and all the big names that support this. Why do I think they're idiots? Because enforcing the two bills is like destroying all the roads and transportation systems around the world, just so a few pirates have a harder time transmitting stolen data AND punishing everyone else who even hints or mentions copyrighted material.

    Seriously? I always had a speckle of hope for my American neighbors, but this - THESE BILLS has seriously gone too far.

    To my sensible American neighbors: please try to fight harder. Stop Faux News and stop the Republicans and Democrats whom are screwing all this up. It's just so messed up.

  • More pandering to the corporation. My country's corporations are a blight on the world community. Bin Laden is the terrorist? Iraq is the Axis of Evil? The USSR was the EVIL EMPIRE? LoL Corporate America, take a good look in the mirror. Asses! <img src="smileys/smiley11.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • I don't know, I don't have to look very far to find pissed off americans these days. all over youtube without looking I find videos recorded by americans informing each other of what the media refuses to cover. Slowly, but surely, more and more people are waking up.   I wouldn't write us off just yet.

  • Yes. Inches; it's a battle of inches. One great thing about You Tube is there's no place for Faux News to hide anymore.

  • I find it moronic that many American politicians and many Americans for that matter, bash Communism for being an evil to be destroyed...

    The so called Communism of which you speak is/was actually totalitarianism, covered with a thin veneer of "Communism".

    True communism--where everyone works for the community; where work and resources are equally shared, based on need and ability; where no one is in charge--would be a good thing.

    The problem is, someone always wants to be in charge. Someone ALWAYS thinks they deserve more resources, and thinks they should work less, than everyone else. Then the community breaks down and devolves into a totalitarian or dictatorial state.

    But I agree with a lot of what you said. Most US politicians, in both parties, have become hypocritical wind-bags, whose only purpose in serving in public office is to get re-elected. The majority of US citizens have become complacent and apathetic, and are more concerned with who will be the next American Idol, than with the slow erosion of their civil liberties and freedom.

  • The United States of America will destroy the internet! I involuntarily support this by paying my taxes. <img src="smileys/smiley19.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Germany was trying to censorship a few times. The government seriously thought about prohibiting Facebook parties, locking sites (centralized DNS blocking) and more. Until today, we (the people) were able to prevent this.

    However, there is another power, and this one is effectively censoring in germany, right now. It is a collecting society called GEMA. This is what it looks like, if you try to watch videos on youtube, when GEMA thinks, youtube hasn't paid enough money (just took two examples from the us top-40 charts):

    GEMA acts on their own, even the labels are fighting against it. It's a shame that money can do, what people prevented from their government.

    But back to topic.

    SOPA would be a huge step. Besides a censorship on the us citizen side, it is giving the us access to foreign corporates and sites. And worst of all - it will be a signal to all other countries, like the ones in europe, to also establish something like it.

    Stop this!

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