To the person that used my username and password illegaly

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  • I was kind enough to let you work on my pc but this has gone far enough.If i see my 3d artwork posted as some games screen one more time i will have to report you to the police.I do not know who you are as there are many people using my pc on a daily basis.My windows account was password protected and you broke the law by hacking into my account and erasing most of my programs.I will leave this message for you so that you can see that im on to you.From: The real Vdrake75.

  • Um... what?

  • every time he says something rude, and someone calls him on it, he says his account was hacked, and he's seeking the person responsible for defiling his good name

  • I feel like we are dealing with multiple personality disorder here. I feel bad that one person was harsh to him which set him off, but if you are online on forums long enough you have to learn to have some thick skin and take criticism (sometimes constructive.. sometimes not).

    To Vdrake... move on ... so people didn't like your post.. big deal. Make a cool game, become a expert here (or someplace else) and you will have no problem finding people to make games with you..

    oh and secure your sh1T! It's pretty easy to make sure nobody else posts on your account, unless it is one of your other personalities.

  • I'd like to know how old he is.

    Someone mentioned him not being mature in another thread (off the top of my head I think it was you Lucid), and I think everything about his posts suggests a kid.

    I'd hate to think that an adult would consistently act and post that way unless there was a medical condition.


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  • I think I missed a few posts that might help explain what's going on, but I don't see this going anywhere productive, so I'm going to lock it. I've not had much time to check the forum recently - if you think there is an issue that needs admin attention please PM me.

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