which pen tablet ??

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  • hi there ^^

    today i have a question but this question is really hard to find the answer of course i have an answer for it but i want to know some more experience of what i don't know ^^ .

    first of all , i really liked construct2 which changed a part of my life ^^ and i want to take some of these step more advanced , i have always draw on papers but now i learned some photoshop , illustator , flash , and so many program just to prepare my self to be a digital artist and this just to improve my self not just for money and stuffs like that ... anyway since i jioned the learning i have heard with the tablet and i really enjoyed watching them and i want to buy one but what should i buy??

    of course many people told me to buy from wacom and as in my country we don't have any of these stuffs but i'm going to buy it online and this is easy but the problem i found there are many differant between the tablets and the most i like are : inkling , intous , cintiq , ipad or android tablets ... lets talk about them a little but what see what the problem i'm finding on them.

    inkling : its really great but i have to buy ink every couple of months and also ill draw in paper which mean i need to color it and even worse i need to do the perfect sketch because i can't fix the mistake if the draw moved to the laptop so ill re-make or be pro on pc programs.

    intous : good tablet but the problem is , it has no real feeling of what i'm doing and i have tried something similar to it and i really want say it need alot of time to be good as real drawing on paper or anything.

    cintiq : a really super powered tablet this is exactly what artiest need but my question is does it lag sometimes? does it get hot sometimes?? if i paid it will i buy something more to improve it or its fully complete ??

    also the problem i found is , its too expensive but most of the artiest use it so another question does the lowest price cintiq has the same feature of the highest one ? if no what there are except " the bigger is better " ??

    ipad : good tablet and its looks like cintiq but the problem it is slow also the programs are really limited and the stylus are really useless and hard to work with it. no good vector app , and so on ...

    android : the android collection with the pen like note 10.1 are really cool they has the pressure sensitive but they still too slow and getting hot so fast , apps are limited , no good vector app , and so on...

    so my questions : can you tell me your experiences on all of them if you had ^^ what should i buy ?? and should i buy the weakest and then buy the better ? like buying intous then cintiq or just buy cintiq and done??

    see my money on this just 600$ but i can high it until 1300$ so what do you think ??

    thanks for hearing and i know this isn't tablet forum but i want the experience of the artiest which use these stuffs ^^

    by salem ^^

  • No personal experience but I have a friend who uses a 99 USD bamboo tablet that get's the job done fine. He uses paint tool sai

  • I just bought this http://www.amazon.co.uk/Wacom-Bamboo-Pen-Graphics-Tablet/dp/B005TYVS4Y/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1358711769&sr=8-1

    I've used tablets a lot in the past and actually prefer the smaller Wacoms.

  • I've had a go with drawing tablets but moving my hand whilst looking at the screen i found felt very unnatural. I'd like to try an LCD screen tablet but the Cintiq is very expensive unsurprisingly.

    There are alternatives though for a fraction of the price, mainly from china. I wonder if any one has used them?

    Yiynova 19" and Kingtee


  • , thehen , as i said i have tried something similar to the bamboo idea and from the first time i felt that this is soo hard need alot of learn is this right?? tell me how was your beginning on that tablet as i can see your game has really epic art style ( masha'a allah).

    Ethan , i think you are stucked on the display tablet like me XD , about the other display tablet i really don't know anything of them but i saw some videos and seems that bosto tablets are really amazing maybe they are better than the cintiq but the problem on the pet need charge and no buttons on it but we can program the tablet buttons also the price is good but i don't know if you can re-sell it in future because i couldn't see reseller for it. and about the other one (yiynova) i have heard that doesn't has good support and sometimes it lag and there is a video of someone using it but in comment he wrote : i returned it because of simple problem and stuffs like that..

    can you guys upload some pictures of your first tablet drawing ^^

  • The Wacom took a few weeks of getting used to, but you'll find that with any tablet. Once you're used to it it becomes very natural.

  • hmmm as i can see i think ill buy something like intous5 for about 2years then ill jump to the cintiq or something similar as i can see cintiq 12 the one that i can buy has released about 3 yrs ago and i really would like a new versions which fit windows8 and support touch but in same way its small not that heavy ... (19 inch is the best for me )

  • I bought a Intuos5 Small a couple of years ago, and I am still very happy with it. The new version has some touch controls built in to the drawing area which look like it could be a time saver for tilting, and dragging images if you use Photoshop.

    Like thehen said it takes a few weeks to get use to. But I think the hardest part is getting use to looking at your monitor while drawing instead of looking at the surface your drawing on.

  • i had always been turned off by the wacom intous tablets, because of the weirdness i thought i would feel in separating what i was looking at from what i was drawing.

    but i watched an artist on youtube using it, and he described it as 'drawing without your hand/pencil in the way'. once i understood that, in my mind, i felt a lot better about possibly getting one for myself.

  • 0.0 ok i'm confused.... , first of all i want to thank all of you for replaying and sharing your experiences ^^ .

    now i really don't know what to buy , i don't want to be like buddy40 sticking on intuos because i need something for autocad and autodesk in future and i saw that cintiq fit for them also intuos users says its easy to use it in need less than a month for handling it ...

    also about cintiq i found something that i need to get a good pc for a good quality and if i have something weak it will be useless and become like the ipad or android.

    about windows 8 or (all in one pc) i have tried to see more videos on these but i really don't know the most important thing on this graphics tablets it must be as fast as my pen so i don't want to see any spaces between them does all in one or window8 tablet has that speed?? and as said the pressure are really useless the differences are really low and i don't really care about them if they do the job then i don't care how many it has ^^

    hmmm... if someone has windows8 tablet which support pen or (all in one pc ) can you show us the speed of the pen , i'm really intersted on anything but i want something to improve me not sticking in something for ever like i have had on the paper ^^

  • I been using a cintiq 12wx for a year now.

    The pin drawing is going to be as fast as you pc hardware allows it to be. Also, since you are really drawing with the cursor/pointer as the pin moves it. You should set the cursor/pointer speed to the max to get full use of your natural hand speed in drawing. You should also make sure that enhance pointer precision is checked. When using a cintiq, like i said above "you are really drawing with the cursor/pointer as the pin moves it". You should be looking at the cursor/pointer when drawing and not the pin tip this will save you from inaccuracies in drawing.

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  • ok guys after alot of watching and reviewing and asking i come with a full answer of what i'm going to get ^^ first of all i want to thanks all of you and your great posts to help me ^^

    i think ill buy the bamboo and maybe its (bamboo create)and these are the reasons :

    1- its big enough to make my draw smooth

    2- nice style

    3- it can be a left hand tablet i forgot to say i draw with my left hand baby XD

    4- has a good price ( cheap )

    ^^ so again thanks to everyone

  • I know you got your pick, and i definitely think a bamboo is a good starter table.

    but I'm just going to throw this hidden gem out there.

    Subscribe to Construct videos now

    Got mine for around $300

    the company discontinued production. so you have to get them on ebay.

    Things amazing.

  • I have been using an Intuos 3 9x12 for a few years now and I am very happy with it. To get a more natural paper feeling I tape a sheet of printer paper to the surface of the tablet for more traction. It wears down the pen nibs slightly faster but I feel the trade-off is worth it. You may also want to try the felt nibs that provide a more traditional feel when drawing with the tablet.

  • danny , hmm ill try it when the wacom ship to me ^^ , also i forgot to say that bamboo create has a wireless and touch like the intuos 5 touch

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