Paypal won't let my buy online anymore

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  • I recieved an e-mail from paypal stating that i should withdraw the money i get within 30 days and that according to south african policy i am not allowed to send any money to other paypal users or websites which use paypal.

    Why did they do this all off a sudden?.I use paypal primarily to buy stuff from the net, now i am not allowed to buy anymore WTF!!!.

  • i read in past that in some countries paypal has limitations.

    if it worked until now, search for a policy change update on the net (or maybe a terms and conditions mail in your box) and write them a mail in case you dont find anything.


  • The bank i am with had changed the policy for my paypal account.Seems like they just want to me to withdraw any funds which are foreign funds ie dollar pounds etc.once the money is withdrawn from paypal into my bank account i can choose a top up service which sends the money back to my paypal account again.Looks like this is just another way for the bank to make more money again.

    The one problem i have with this is that they seem to charge quite a lot for this service(Service fees).Going to get a proper credit card tommorow,At least i can buy anything i want online with a credit card.

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  • Credit cards are usually the safest ways to pay online, they are often heavily insured and you can easily file charge backs if the purchases you make are not delivered.

    Paypal is plagued with problems. We're hoping to move away from it ourselves when Stripe comes to the UK.

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