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  • Was going to buy my C2 license today but PayPal has a problem with my creditcard(VISA), don?t know why, it?s still valid and has no shortage of funds.

    How does moneybookers work?

    After some emails going back and forth between me and paypal the problem is now solved and a few seconds ago I successfully purchased my standard license :)

  • I had no prob with paypal, but it has to be at least verified and linked to a bank account, or at least where i live that is how it works. The netherlands btw. Paypal worked fine for my C2 purchase. So perhaps paypal doesn't suck but you had a bad experience?

    I don't own a credit card like VISA btw.

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  • I also have a paypal account but haven�t used it since like 2009 or something, I logged into paypal and my VISA is registered and confirmed with that acc, problem probably is that they have sent me email requesting some kind of confirmation since I havent used it for so long and I guess I failed to respond so now my paypal acc is restricted.. *sigh*

  • MonDieu if you haven't used your paypal account since 2009 the problem might be that the expiration date of your VISTA card on your paypal account might not be up to date. This happened to me once. Every so many years you get a new credit card with a new expiration date on it but paypal only sends one email notification to you about this then your card is still registered but cant be used. If you got a new VISTA since 2009 all you have to do is update your paypal VISTA expiration date, and your good to go.

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