Is Paypal needed?

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  • Uhm.. open topic right?

    After quite a big dissapointment of the guy who was supposed to set my website up.. 5 months wasted. I am going to hire some real proffesionals to do the job right.

    It's a Gaming website where you can buy stuff.

    Do i need Paypal for it? I'm not a huge fan of Paypal because they seem to take 30%.

    Can't the purchase go directly from credit card to my bank account?

  • Paypal is one option, if you're in the US you might want to consider Stripe (

    Also Paypal doesn't take 30%, it's only around 3% ish (depends a lot on a lot of stuff). It's fairly cheap though but resented by some customers.

  • Ah ok.

    But still, why cant it go directly to a account?

  • It's just the way payment processors work, you have a balance with them and then when you choose to you can withdraw it to your bank account.

  • I don't know what are the taxes outside Brazil, but i'm pretty sure you can get the payments directly from credit cards operators.

    But believe me: offering a known payment processor will increase your costumer's reliability over your site. Paypal, Moneybookers, CashU, etc etc... they're way easier to setup compared to or credit card operator's API or some third-party payment processor API (to manage the communication between your site and the CC operator, not to handle the payment like Paypal).

  • I share Cassianno's thoughts, if you use a provider like Paypal then customers will be much more willing to spend money on an unknown site, it's why we went with Paypal first along with it being fairly easy to set up.

  • ok :D also, if its only fees like 3%ish that seems allright :D thx

  • I think you'll be happy with PayPal. :)

    I have been using it for years privately (I rarely buy anything online if I can't use PayPal), and my employer has been using it for over a decade now. Overall, we have few problems with them, though their policies when it comes to payment disputes can be a little esoteric (but this will probably not affect you unless you sell stuff like virtual items in an online game). We offer a number of other payment methods, including CCnow and Moneybookers, but well over 90% of our customers pay through PayPal. It's definitely the way to go.

  • Depending on the shopping cart system you are using, a lot of them DO support direct deposit in to your bank account (credit card, bank wire, etc).

    The biggest problem is there is no anti-scam protection without using a merchant facility. Here in Australia a popular merchant for online stuff is EWAY.

    What cart are you using? How much are they charging you to set it up? I do this kind of thing all the time... maybe I can help?


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  • Im just worried that micro transactions might not work on paypal thats all..

    if some1 buys for 1 - 5 dollar.

    But if it only is 3% that does not seem to matter

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